Fiction from Jennings, Jump, Kidd, Koontz, Pötzsch, Torras, and Widger, plus a Quartet of Debuts | Xpress Reviews

An eye-opening and rewarding debut; a finely tuned, knife-edge thriller with two equally unflinching women; Nora finds her place in her own life as well as within her bustling Irish Catholic family; a fine Irish feast for the literary crowd; for fans who appreciate a fierce female protagonist; for readers whose tastes range from high literary to smart urban fiction; an action-packed adventure; neither a dystopian nor sunny view of our tech-mediated future; language that’s quick and bruising, sharp-edged and relentless; complicated relationships, imperfect technology, and a semidystopian backstory

E-Originals from Arend, Johnson, Linde, and Porter | Xpress Reviews

Readers will want to know more about Heart Falls and the folks who live there; this series launch seems to lack a clear path or central theme; a fascinating and compelling world of vampire and human codependency; the latest in Porter’s “Love on Chance Avenue” series is her best yet

Graphic Novels from Finney & McEvoy and Gill | Xpress Reviews

Will appeal to mature readers with a penchant for classic pulp fiction, great pen-and-ink work, and edgy whodunits; a stellar continuation of the first book in the series. Ideal for YA audiences, high school and college classrooms, and anyone interested in a full view of American history

Fiction from Abbott, Andrews, Barron, Hall, Hart, and McCarthy, plus a Debut | Xpress Reviews

Strongly recommended for fans of suspense and enthusiasts of the short form; a baffling and intriguing science thriller that is part Tom Clancy with a dash of Michael Crichton; Barron delivers a fine first entry in the noir genre; for readers who appreciate twisted, unlikable characters; a must-read for fans of sf-based mysteries; fast-paced with an unexpected ending, this novel has everything fans of the genre could want

E-Originals from Fernando, Sosa, Van Hulzen, and Wolff | Xpress Reviews

A fabulous choice for readers unsure of or hoping to discover the motorcycle club (MC) subgenre; recommended for romance collections, especially where Sosa is popular; fans of Van Hulzen’s series will want to keep up; Wolff’s latest novel is emotionally charged and filled with white-hot intimacy

Nonfiction on Jazz in Our Nation’s Capital | Xpress Reviews

The only essay to discuss an artist at length is John Edward Hasse’s piece on Duke Ellington’s early years in Washington and his subsequent love-hate relationship with the town. A disappointing collection that lacks direction

E-Originals from Erickson, Goodman, and Greyson | Xpress Reviews

Readers who are searching for something to tide them over until the next “Black Dagger” book comes out should look no further than this series; Goodman’s second book in the series can be enjoyed by any contemporary romance reader, especially lovers of dogs and football; readers willing to withstand numerous ludicrous scenarios should have plenty of fun with this steamy romance

Nonfiction on Trans-Canadian Travel and London’s Influential Women | Xpress Reviews

Readers will get a better picture of Canada in Dave Bidini’s On a Cold Road; an essential purchase across the consumer, public, and academic market segments owing to its singular scope and acceptable execution

Fiction from Holt and Mackay, with a Starred Debut from Fine | Xpress Reviews

Part fairy tale, part coming-of-age adventure, Fine’s debut was written under the tutelage of Audrey Niffenegger; this tenth and final book in this best-selling Norwegian series is perhaps one of the best; Mackay delivers another gritty, staccato-told tale

Nonfiction: Economics, WWII Resistance, iPhone, Netanyahu, Ukrainian Revolt, Meriwether Lewis | Xpress Reviews

An illuminating primer on critical U.S. economic issues; a memoir that captures nostalgia’s twinge; insights New York’s bohemian world of the 1970s; anyone looking for a drink mixing guide; of primary interest to students of World War II and the Holocaust; granular insight into Manson and the dynamics of the Family; understanding how the iPhone came to be; understanding the current situation in Ukraine; an important addition for all American history collections