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Graphic Novels on Graphic Reproductions and a Mystery from Kindt & Co. | Xpress Reviews

Essential for anyone concerned with reproductive health care; suspense addicts and those who enjoy the sheer craftsmanship of graphic art designed by a watercolor master can’t help but enjoy this

Nonfiction: Foucault on Film and Healing Through Horses | Xpress Reviews

Fans of Foucault and libraries with robust philosophy sections might find value in a compact one-volume collection that makes Foucault’s film-related works accessible to English speakers; conservationists, horse enthusiasts, and individuals dealing with similar life changes may find value in Kane’s journey of self-discovery

Fiction from Castillo, Cole, Delany, Goolrick, Kelly, and a Quintet of Debuts | Xpress Reviews

This tale of suspense will excite Kate Burkholder fans; Delany readers will find much to enjoy and ponder; internationally best-selling author Kelly offers up an engrossing intergenerational story of love and family; Parker takes her place next to similar writers such as Laura Dave and Jane Green; sans of Sarah Waters’s Fingersmith will find this a good companion; this series launch is a great choice for readers of British police procedurals; this has been getting some prepub buzz, so die-hard thriller fans might be interested; this study will please those who want more than thrill-a-minute reading

E-Originals from Curtis and Kilraine and Back to the Borderland with Mecca | Xpress Reviews

Very thrilling, with lots of action and lots of sex; fans of renovation romances and complex family dynamics will want to check out this new series; Mecca still finds ways to make each story unique, with this latest installment as enjoyable as the first

Graphic Novels from Atkinson, Feiffer, and Sattouf | Xpress Reviews

A fun book with a dry sense of humor that will appeal to fans of single-panel cartoons; libraries with the first two volumes will want this; an excellent addition to a series that for years to come is sure to engage readers of history as seen through a child’s eyes

Nonfiction: Historic Gardens, Dressage, Landscaping for Climate Change, Memoir, Social Media | Xpress Reviews

Gardeners, historians, and photographers will all appreciate this gorgeous and informative book; for libraries in areas where there is interest in horses and especially the sport of dressage; something in this hopeful handbook for every gardener who wants to help fight climate change; the author will likely find an audience in those who like over-the-top, crude humor; this work will appeal to military, cybersecurity, and political readers

Fiction from Abbott, Bell, Bokal, DeFino, De La Pava, Frank, Kietzman, Rader-Day, & Zeller | Xpress Reviews

This adds to the Abbott’s reputation as a significant writer of suspense; a heart-poundingly addictive thriller; for fans of escapist romantic suspense; a solid hit; a powerful statement about values; readers will love getting a glimpse at life in the Lowcountry; Kietzman is incredibly adept at bringing her characters to life; fans of Agatha Christie will be riveted by Rader-Day’s latest psychological thriller; for those looking for a satisfying and humanistic read

E-Originals from Ahearn, Gaddy, and McLaughlin | Xpress Reviews

Fans of the first series title will be interested, but other readers would be better served elsewhere; Travis and Tobi’s romance draws us in, but we will certainly come back for the additional love stories teased at in this first entry; McLaughlin takes on a tough topic while also establishing genuinely tender intimacy between her protagonists

Graphic Novels: Kominsky-Crumb, a Mythology Collection, and Debuter Birthday | Xpress Reviews

Recommended for anyone looking for a quick, easy set of gags in a webcomic style; highly recommended for all mature fans of cartooning—especially of the confessional variety; a beautifully illustrated and highly enjoyable read for mythology and sf fans

Fiction from Adcock, Alger, Arvin, Cargill, La Plante, McCafferty, & Wiggs, plus a Debut | Xpress Reviews

This leisurely paced second novel that is bound to attract readers of feminist sf mysteries; highly recommended for fans of fast-paced thrillers in the tradition of John Grisham; this somewhat facile work will entertain fans of dark humor; a sharply observant literary debut novel; more than enough thrills to satisfy any crime novel enthusiast; fans of C.J. Box and Craig Johnson will relish this page-turner; recommended for readers of contemporary romance