Knit Beyond Socks: Book-Based Inspirations

Launch new collection displays with Literary Knits, fairy tale inspired projects, Green Gables patterns, and knits to charm and enchant.

Science History in All Its Guises | Wyatt’s World

On the development of ballooning, the vast history of paper, detection of a chemical that points to a murderer, Restoration London, and Brave Geniuses of the French Resistance

Hiding in Plain Sight: Five Books that Echo Other Stories | Wyatt’s World

Poets and novelists in love; Amanda Knox’s fictitious other; who is St. Hilda of Whitby?; murder and journalism, a true story; Zelda Fitzgerald’s novel shadow

The Frontier of Food: Past, Present, Future | Wyatt’s World

Warm up readers with books about food, the ideas that change food, and the people who create the change

Fresh Starts with Debut Novelists | Wyatt’s World

First novels offer the delights of discovery and the thrill of new possibilities to echo nicely the change of seasons

Working with The White Queen | Wyatt’s World

Philippa Gregory’s The White Queen, The Red Queen, and The Kingmaker’s Daughter inspire a new TV series that inspire a new list of read-alikes.

Quirky Explorations | Wyatt’s World

A blend of food, culture, history; the world of commercial shipping; intrigues of a bespoke overcoat; the origins of love and pasta, and a riddle solved.

Magazine Rack RA | Wyatt’s World

Delicious suggestions for minidisplays

Binge Reading | Wyatt’s World

Lasting series reading for the last days of summer

Summer Reading: Location Titles | Wyatt’s World

Reading for travelers or readers with a destination in mind.