Fiction from Brunkhorst, Ferrante, Hrbek, Matalon, Pitts, & Vollmann, plus Two Debuts | Xpress Reviews

Brunkhorst’s bittersweet romance, an intriguing debut from Christie, an Italian classic from Ferrante, a charming first novel from Herrick, Hrbek reads like literary fiction, an original portrait from Matalon, a provocative exploration of race relations from Pitts, a brilliant meditation on North America’s lengthy history of colonization from Vollmann

Tons of Fiction: Burrowes, Campion, Clark, Harkaway, Mackin, Miller, Verdon, & Vollmann | Xpress Reviews

Romance from Braden and Burrowes, mysteries from Campion and Clark, short pieces from Dybek, cynicism from Harkaway, Abduction from Holt, historical fiction from Mackin, magical storytelling from Miller, a thriller from Verdon, and more