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An exciting and fresh world; mature fans will enthusiastically embrace this; for anyone interested in fine art photography, particularly of Mexican and Southwestern American subjects; this vibrant story displays engaging mayhem; golden oldies remain imaginative tales of midnight noir; despite more successful tales than misfires, overall this remains a misshapen monster

Bec & Co., D’Salete, Findakly/Trondheim, Longino & Others, Santos, Starks, & More | Graphic Novels Reviews

As comics slide more and more into the mainstream, publishers have increasingly been encouraged to take chances on critical and historical texts exploring the medium and its cultural impact.

Xpress Reviews: Graphic Novels | First Look at New Books, November 8, 2013

Martin’s Tank Girl fulfills a 25-year-old legacy of absurdist, alternative adventuring; the Skinner sisters have created a tender, funny, and a pitch-perfect coming-of-age tale; Summers delivers a surprisingly universal and refreshingly self-aware pregnancy memoir