Oscar Documentaries 2018 | Video Reviews

Another year, another wealth of award-worthy documentaries to consider. A few Netflix-exclusives were unavailable for preview, but we’ve got two features and a short film that seem perfect for most library video collections. Weigh in with your thoughts, and see which way the academy goes when the ceremony airs on Sunday, March 4

Someone’s in the Kitchen | Video Reviews, March 1, 2017

playing with the balance of different cultures and unique foods, viewers will enjoy how these two chefs play with food boundaries

Joan Pedzich | In Memoriam

Going through this morning’s email I was dumbstruck by a notice that my longtime reviewer Joan Pedzich had died suddenly on Saturday, June 25. The email was from Joan’s husband, Bob. I was already reeling, but realizing that he thought to notify me the very next day pretty much did me in. Joan and I […]

Downton Abbey Double Feature | Video Reviews

The PBS UK series that has swept our nation is up to its fifth season. Can we hope for many more? LJ‘s reviewer let’s us in on the family and their staff and how they are faring in 1924

Beta Testers Weigh In On Hoopla

Hoopla, Midwest Tape’s pay-per-circulation media streaming service for public libraries, has been in beta-testing mode for close to two months, and early reports of both the service overall and its mobile applications have been positive.

Trailers: What’s Coming on DVD/Blu-ray | May 1, 2013

What’s Coming on DVD/Blu-ray

2013 Oscar Docs | Video Reviews, February 15, 2013

Reviews of four of the Academy Award–nominated films for 2013 Best Documentary Feature: activism at the birth of the AIDS crisis, a Middle East conundrum, sexual abuse against women in the military, a musician and the overthrow of apartheid.

Video Reviews | November 15, 2012

Reviews of Toxic Tears, The Innkeepers, and As a Young Girl of Thirteen, plus a full list of video reviews in the Nov. 15 issue.

Video Reviews | November 1, 2012

Reviews of Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake, The City Dark, and Too Big To Fail, plus a full list of video reviews from the Nov. 1 issue.

Video Reviews, September 1, 2012

Reviews of The Calling, Carol Channing: Larger Than Life, and My Perestroika, plus a full list of video reviews in the Sept. 1 issue.