Nonfiction on Theodore Roosevelt, Jewish Culture, Everyday Technologies, Musicians | Xpress Reviews

A revelation about Roosevelt’s jaunts in the wild, a fascinating text on the history of Jewish religion and culture, a history of everyday items and why we use them, Lichter’s interpretation of these musicians’ thoughts on classical music, a “happy gut”

Teddy’s Travails

Recent titles on Teddy Roosevelt.

Audio Reviews, September 15, 2012

Reviews of William Boyd’s Waiting for Sunrise, Stephen King and Stewart O’Nan’s A Face in the Crowd, and Richard Zacks’s Island of Vice, plus a full list of audiobook reviews in the Sept 15 issue.

Xpress Reviews: Nonfiction | First Look at New Books, September 7, 2012

London’s Underground, Aboriginal art, energy policy for everyone, and a biography of Dana Andrews: Hollywood Enigma

Xpress Reviews: Nonfiction | First Look at New Books, August 10, 2012

Profiling both presidents Roosevelt, along with vintage clothing, Russian travel, and those sf actors on the tip of your tongue