Graphic Novels from Arawi, Bagieu, Hiaasen & Chast, Rall, and Simone & Co. | Xpress Reviews

Seasoned fans of comedic manga will want to give this comedy with soul a look; Bagieu has created something remarkable: a fresh and joyous look at women’s history; Hiaasen and Chast combine forces to help us keep our heads clear and our feet grounded; surprisingly energized about Francis’s possibilities but without blinders to the history of the Catholic faith; soon to be released as a TV series, with Simone as executive producer

Graphic Novels: Best American Comics and Rucka & Co.’s Dragon Age | Xpress Reviews

A great introduction to the current comics scene for those wondering where to begin; best for fans familiar with the Dragon Age universe but readable and pleasant for even the totally clueless

A Personal Touch: Debut Memoirs | The Reader’s Shelf, July 2015

These debut memoirs, while told by very different people, mine the most powerful aspects of common stories—life and death, creativity and perseverance, loss and hope.

Best Books 2014: Graphic Novels

The best graphic novels of 2014 as chosen by Library Journal’s graphic novel columnists.