Graphic Novels from Gardner & Co.; Geary; Remender, Alixe, & Klein; and Samura | Xpress Reviews

The best overall collection of the Flash, fast-paced whodunit featuring silent film star Louise Brooks, a shift in the Captain America universe, and an essential volume for Blade of the Immortal fans

Graphic Novels from Geary, Mulligan/Ostertag, Peeters, Sakai, Vachss | Xpress Reviews

Geary’s “Victorian Murder” series is offbeat but fascinating, a satisfying webcomic transferred successfully to the printed page, Peeters paints a vivid alien landscape, Sakai’s Usagi belongs in all libraries, Vachss is unique but choppy.

Xpress Reviews: Graphic Novels | First Look at New Books, October 12, 2012

Sturges concludes closes the door on “The House of Mystery,” Vance and Burr are “On the Ropes,” Geary recalls “XXth-Century Murders,” a new Superman that fans will love, and an impressive film-to-manga adaptation