Faith Journeys, Returning to Judaism, Finding Belief in the Middle of War | Spirituality & Religion, March 1, 2016

Many of these books raise more questions than answers, whether an author is reevaluating his or her beliefs, as demonstrated in Edgar Bronfman’s Why Be Jewish?, Dennis Covington’s Revelation, and Lesley Hazelton’s Agnostic, or reconsidering biblical teachings as noted theologians Bart D. ­Ehrman and John Shelby Spong do in their latest works.

Hollywood History, Comedy Writers on Humor, Creative Crafting, & More | Arts & Humanities Reviews

Foodies and celebrity watchers alike will be delighted by this walk through Hollywood drinking history, Sack’s collection is full of great moments, Werker provides a look at the internal voices that keep people from expressing their creativity

From Stage Essentials to Biogs of Novels to Soccer Matters, “Crystal-Lit” Poetry, & More | Arts & Humanities Reviews

Republic of Letters

Read Outside the Box and enjoy cartoon history; Radiant Truths is eclectic, in the best sense; Di Piero’s Tombo strikes a perfect balance; Powers’s Letter Composed captures life in the war zone