Nonfiction: Foucault on Film and Healing Through Horses | Xpress Reviews

Fans of Foucault and libraries with robust philosophy sections might find value in a compact one-volume collection that makes Foucault’s film-related works accessible to English speakers; conservationists, horse enthusiasts, and individuals dealing with similar life changes may find value in Kane’s journey of self-discovery

Read To Lead | Leadership

Seventeen titles to give new library leaders context and help experienced ones keep things fresh

Nonfiction: Historic Gardens, Dressage, Landscaping for Climate Change, Memoir, Social Media | Xpress Reviews

Gardeners, historians, and photographers will all appreciate this gorgeous and informative book; for libraries in areas where there is interest in horses and especially the sport of dressage; something in this hopeful handbook for every gardener who wants to help fight climate change; the author will likely find an audience in those who like over-the-top, crude humor; this work will appeal to military, cybersecurity, and political readers

Nonfiction: Racial Injustice, Digital Archives, Hunting, Book Theft, Today’s World, California Art | Xpress Reviews

Bennett brings a unique, honest, and often humorous voice to the growing discussion of black activism in sports; A strong compilation for those looking for an introduction to digital archiving; vital for all interested in natural history, conservation, ethics, American history, and firearms; book lovers, librarians, and crime fans alike will enjoy this detailed story; for libraries with extensive vegan collections; a realistic, if depressing, look at the modern world; of appeal to readers with an interest in women artists in 20th-century California

Nonfiction from Albright, Herbers, and Snyder on Fascism, Civil Rights, and Russia’s Politics | Xpress Reviews

Readers interested in political systems and international relations will appreciate Albright’s outlook; those interested in race relations as well as the importance of a free press will admire this volume; this compelling blend of scholarship and investigative journalism will appeal to anyone with an interest in contemporary politics

Nonfiction: Maps, the Politics of “Christian,” Cycle Touring, and Richard Diebenkorn | Xpress Reviews

Bonnett’s exploration of areas unmarked on any map will delight fans of geography and cartography; a ubiquitous word in American politics that is deceptively difficult to pin down; sure to inspire many cycling odysseys; an accomplished bio of an exceptional, revered American master

Nonfiction on Young Hitler, the Trans Generation, Sexual Offenses in Low-Wage Work | Xpress Reviews

Readers might be better served by either of Thomas Weber’s works than this one; more useful for scholars than the general public, would be relevant reading for fans of CN Lester; the pervasive sexualized violence in low-wage work and how urgent the need for both regulatory and cultural change

Nonfiction on Jazz in Our Nation’s Capital | Xpress Reviews

The only essay to discuss an artist at length is John Edward Hasse’s piece on Duke Ellington’s early years in Washington and his subsequent love-hate relationship with the town. A disappointing collection that lacks direction

Nonfiction on Trans-Canadian Travel and London’s Influential Women | Xpress Reviews

Readers will get a better picture of Canada in Dave Bidini’s On a Cold Road; an essential purchase across the consumer, public, and academic market segments owing to its singular scope and acceptable execution

Nonfiction: Economics, WWII Resistance, iPhone, Netanyahu, Ukrainian Revolt, Meriwether Lewis | Xpress Reviews

An illuminating primer on critical U.S. economic issues; a memoir that captures nostalgia’s twinge; insights New York’s bohemian world of the 1970s; anyone looking for a drink mixing guide; of primary interest to students of World War II and the Holocaust; granular insight into Manson and the dynamics of the Family; understanding how the iPhone came to be; understanding the current situation in Ukraine; an important addition for all American history collections