Nonfiction: Illicit Money, Conversation, Mentoring, Failed Justice, Nick Nolte, Bad Habits | Xpress Reviews

Findings of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) on what became known as the Panama Papers; an insightful look into the unique nature of human conversation; sharing secrets for success and meaning; valuable to those with a very serious interest in business innovation; Logan challenges a rule that requires attorneys to maintain confidentiality at another’s expense; through all the tragedies in his life, Nolte has emerged a strong survivor; Vermeulen provides some clear advice for breaking out of the bad habit rut

Butchers, Bad Boys, Brainiacs | What We’re Reading

The “What We’re Reading” team is skeletal during the rush-around holiday season—plus there’s no “watching” folks this time. But fear not, 2018 is full of possible “watchings” and readings. Stay tuned and here’s hoping your New Year will be filled with books, movies, and TV specials. Mahnaz Dar, Reference and Professional Reading Editor, LJS My reading […]