Jazz up Your Collection | Music Matters, June 1, 2015

Jazz is one of the only quintessentially American art forms, and it’s important. Every music collection in American libraries should contain a solid representation of the genre.

Music for the Masses: Music Clubs, Part 1, March 2013

Librarians who run music discussion groups on how and why they do what they do.

Music Mags Still Worth a Damn | Music for the Masses: February 1, 2013

Matthew Moyer on lesser-known, high-quality music magazines.

To the Max with Minimal Wave | Music for the Masses | October 1, 2012

Matthew Moyer interviews Veronica Vasicka of Minimal Wave Records.

Music for the Masses: Owen Ashworth

Can I get all self-referential for a minute? During an American Library Association conference in Chicago a couple of years back, I stumbled into a Casiotone for the Painfully Alone concert and was mesmerized by Owen Ashworth’s onstage channeling of both Morrissey and Kraftwerk, surrounded by a table full of cheap keyboards and effects pedals. […]

Music for the Masses: Jukebox Jury

Music for the Masses: Jukebox Jury