National Book Critics Circle Awards | Publishing Year 2016

On Thursday, March 16, at the New School in New York City, the National Book Critics Circle (NBCC) announced the recipients of its book awards for publishing year 2016. As with last November’s National Book Awards, a sense of political urgency hung over the proceedings.

Regular & Irregular Books of the Season | What We’re Reading

New and seasoned “What We’re Reading” contributors discuss the books on their minds this week.

Busting & Building Bubbles | What We’re Reading

The “What We’re Reading” crew on books that extend outside their comfort zone, aka bubble-busting books. A few bubble-building books creep into the narrative too…

Ch-ch-changes & Other Oddities | What We’re Reading

“What We’re Reading” mourns David Bowie and talks about our best reads of last year.

Short on Pages, Long on Pleasure | Wyatt’s World

Atwood’s tales of imagination, biting wit, and power; the heady, fantastic, and fantastical Calvino; a feast of the “Best American” short stories; Munro is a sure bet; and Rash’s talents include gems of atmosphere and description.

Returning to Stories: Five Continuations of Note | Wyatt’s World

Five books with familiar characters, who reemerge in new locations and time periods.

Fiction Reviews | August 2013

Reviews of MaddAddam, The Cartographer of No Man’s Land, and Rasputin’s Shadow, plus a full list of Fiction reviews from the August 2013 issue.

The Audies® | July 2013

Winners of the 2013 Audie Awards, for excellence in audiobook narration and production.

Dystopias for Grown-ups | The Reader’s Shelf, June 1, 2012

Dystopias for Grown-ups | The Reader’s Shelf, June 1, 2012