Shore Bets | Fiction Reviews

A perfect beach book, pleasurable at any time, is a sophisticated portrayal of subtle class warfare; A compassionate tale of how people grow and change after loss

Travel Fiction | Fiction Reviews

An insightful study of loss, grief, and the possibility of romance after; A thoroughly engaging fairy tale for adults

Artistic Pilgrimages | Arts & Humanities Reviews

A new and expanded vision of American Landscape artist Thomas Cole and his influences; A well researched and illustrated catalog of the works of Frederic Church

Happy 50th, 2001 | Arts & Humanities Reviews

An understanding of Kubrick’s films from a lens relating to his “Jewishness”; An essential text for fans of Kubrick and Sci-Fi

Social Sciences | Professional Media Reviews

A must read for any library or information professional looking to raise awareness about diversity and inclusion; An informative guide to better understand and develop leadership skills; A valuable resource for public librarians covering a multitude of important topics.

The Silicon Standard | Technology in Focus

Further readings on current and coming tech and how it impacts the human experience.

Q&A: Brad Parks, Winner of the Shamus, Nero, and Lefty Awards

With the March release of Closer Than You Know (starred review, LJ 10/1/17), Parks continues to delve into the darker aspects of suburban life. Here he shares his inspiration for the new book and writing background.

For Some Stories, Comics Are a Natural Fit | LJ Talks to Interlink Books

Interlink Books as added graphic novels to its already well-rounded roster of fiction and nonfiction, many with a Middle Eastern slant. Why graphic novels now? LJ asked Interlink publicist Whitney Sanderson.

#MeToo, Box Brown, Comics for Choice, Babylon Berlin, Mean Girls, Manga Master Ito, Art/Life Advice | Graphic Novels Reviews

A fun and informative read that fans of Kaufman, wrestling, and showbiz lore are sure to adore; lovers of crime comics will savor all the details of this complicated adult story; this lively self-care guide should wake up artists, amateur and pro, and also apply to anyone who sits at the ­computer all day; fans of any age will love

Solo Parents, Kind Kids, Comic Relief for Family Dilemmas, Exceptional Children | Parenting Reviews

Just in time for Earth Day, Jena Pincott’s Wits Gut Grit will appeal to crunchy-style parents who prefer the natural elements to aid a child’s health and emotional well-being. In a tumultuous political climate, Thomas Lickona’s How To Raise Kind Kids provides strategies for teaching compassion to children by example of our own words and actions. And for a lighter touch, Your Dad Stole My Rake delivers a carefree look at parenting through the lens of Prairie Home Companion writer and stand-up comic Tom Papa.