Audiobooks by Charlton, Lawson, Stewart, and Wodicka | Xpress Reviews

A historical mystery with romance, Lawson’s “furiously” poignant memoir, a nonagenarian has questions about her new neighbor, Wodicka’s latest is a sad, achingly sensitive story of two eccentric people

Fiction from Bittner, Brackston, Stewart, and Debuter Ware | Xpress Reviews

Love in the Old West from Bittner; readers will suspend disbelief in Brackston’s mystical tale; an unhurried pace, an element of mystery, and plenty of symbolism from Stewart; debut novelist Ware builds suspense with verve and energy

Fiction Reviews | October 1, 2012

Reviews of James Kimmel Jr.’s The Trial of Fallen Angels, Leah Stewart’s The History of Us, and Ron Hansen’s She Loves Me Not, plus a full list of fiction reviews from the Oct. 1 issue.