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Gray’s historical mystery will prove to be humorous and entertaining; Larsen’s impressive second novel is a solid choice for adventurous readers; aficionados of the Morrell’s trilogy are going to miss De Quincey and company; this twisty and bizarre 16th Pendergast series installment will puzzle and delight fans

Xpress Reviews: Fiction | First Look at New Books, December 13, 2013

A great debut from Cantor, masterly historical fiction from Cornwell, a searing love story from Gray, a 1970s take from Haws, literary suspense from Lawson, an ingeniously plotted page-turner from Mosby, whimsy from Riggs, compelling adventure from Rollins and Cantrell, and a gratifying portrait of lovers from Wood

Xpress Reviews: Fiction | First Look at New Books, June 14, 2013

Gray is taming a duke, Lehr infuses the palpable urgency of a mother, McKenzie’s psychological thriller packs an emotional punch, Mujica’s third historical is well plotted, a debut about Dracula, the manuscript, a sweeping debut from Sidorova, and Thomas returns to Harmony, TX

Romance Reviews, August 2012

Romance Reviews, August 2012