Fiction from Debuter Gentry, Greenwood, and Keller | Xpress Reviews

A debut for fans of mysteries, thrillers, and family drama; Greenwood’s latest is well worth a reader’s time to discover what happens to these characters; fans of tales where a simple lifestyle abuts serious crime will embrace Keller’s story

Herriman’s Pick of the Month, John Fortunato, Paul Johnston, Martin Walker, plus New Series Lineup | Mystery Reviews, August 2015

Herriman’s finely detailed series debut, a maverick cop in near-future Edinburgh, an enjoyable Gallic series starring France’s Dordogne region, another winner from Andrews, a gritty series set in rural West Virginia keeps getting better.

Manners, Meals, and Mayhem | Books for Dudes

Summer on the Short Bus

This month’s BFD is a compendium of titles that defy overall categorization other than “man appeal.”

Xpress Reviews: Fiction | First Look at New Books, August 30, 2013

A polished gothic debut that is a classic page-turner, an imperfect Keller novel that is still well worth readers’ time, and an acutely intelligent psychological thriller

Mystery Debut of the Month, August 2012

Mystery Debut of the Month for August 2012.