Martin Luther, Secularism, Ancient Christianity, Kahlil Gibran, Faith Journeys | Spirituality & Religion Reviews

Arjana provides a fascinating guide to a vibrant and dynamic tradition; an excellent entry point into Wright’s books on biblical theology; the power of Coles’s book is his honest battle with faith and identity politics; The Unreformed Martin Luther offers an entertaining read with a serious purpose for those interested in the early Protestant Reformation

Faith Journeys, Returning to Judaism, Finding Belief in the Middle of War | Spirituality & Religion, March 1, 2016

Many of these books raise more questions than answers, whether an author is reevaluating his or her beliefs, as demonstrated in Edgar Bronfman’s Why Be Jewish?, Dennis Covington’s Revelation, and Lesley Hazelton’s Agnostic, or reconsidering biblical teachings as noted theologians Bart D. ­Ehrman and John Shelby Spong do in their latest works.

Interpreting the Parables, Biblical Anthropomorphism, Sisters on a Mission, & More | Spirituality & Religion Reviews, December 2014

A must for Jewish families and congregations; Levine’s touching and scholarly readings deserve a place on library shelves; Sheridan’s superb study sheds new yet ancient light on the early Church Fathers.