Graphic Novels: Bechko & Hardman, Butcher’s Files, Lewis & Yarksy, and Piskor | Xpress Reviews

Longtime Green Lantern fans will enjoy seeing favorite heroes and concepts cast in a new light; Butcher’s many fans will not be disappointed with the action; a rich narrative, but the thrilling mix between art and message never completely jells; fans of Piskor’s previous work will thoroughly enjoy this well-designed volume

Picking Up Books | What We’re Reading (& Watching)

What a whirl the spring and summer has been for the “What We’re Reading & Watching” gang! We survived LJ’s annual Day of Dialog (DoD), BookExpo (formerly Book Expo America, or BEA for you acronym fans), and then a quick swoop into Chicago for the ALA Annual conference, June 22–27. Books ruled all over, and […]

Q&A: Jim Butcher

Jim Butcher

Butcher talks to LJ about his new novel Skin Game

Butcher’s New Dresden Novel, Time Travel from Gregory, Harris Launches Texas Trilogy, Paull’s Debut of the Month | SF/Fantasy Reviews

The Bees

Butcher’s Skin Game is urban fantasy par excellence, Gregory takes on Big Pharma, Harris’s Midnight Crossroad accepts the unbelievable and fantastical, The Bees and an independent thinker, and more

Xpress Reviews: Fiction | First Look at New Books, November 9, 2012

More Harry Dresden, a debut called “The Big Bang,” and the latest from Jubilee, TX, in Wilde’s “A Cowboy fro Christmas”