Indie Halloween Reads | SELF-esteem

A good Halloween read can mean many things. Some readers are looking for scares that will keep them up at night, while others want to feel the coziness of autumn in a more lighthearted romp. Evil can come in the form of zombies and monsters, or you can root for well-meaning witches and ghosts. LJ’s SELF-e Select runs the gamut for a well-rounded literary experience this October.

Black Dogs and Best Books | French on Fridays

More dog books and costume choices this week as Halloween looms.

Horror Gems for the Haunting Season

It’s that time of the year again, when other­wise mild-mannered readers turn into ravenous fiends searching for a terrifying fix. Instead of just turning to old standbys, why not try one of these 21st-­century options.

Evocative Halloween Reading | Wyatt’s World

Tales to prompt the imagination’s spooky side

Tales of Terror | Pre-Halloween Classic Returns

LJ counts down the days to Halloween with a trick-or-treat sampling of some great rereleases by kings (and a queen) of chill.

Crafts & DIY Reviews | September 1, 2013

Crafts & DIY reviews from the September 1, 2013 issue.

Halloween Reads, Bookovers, and James Brotherton | Books for Dudes

Doug Lord on the books that’ll keep you up all night.

Hi-Def Horror for Halloween | The Top 25 Blu-ray Films

Blu-ray breathes new life into 25 old corpses

New Horror for Haunting Season | The Reader’s Shelf | October 15, 2012

Frighteningly good 2012 releases.

No Tricks, Just Treats: Halloween Fiction, October 15, 2011 | The Reader’s Shelf

No Tricks, Just Treats: Halloween Fiction, October 15, 2011 | The Reader’s Shelf