Graphic Novels: Bechko & Hardman, Butcher’s Files, Lewis & Yarksy, and Piskor | Xpress Reviews

Longtime Green Lantern fans will enjoy seeing favorite heroes and concepts cast in a new light; Butcher’s many fans will not be disappointed with the action; a rich narrative, but the thrilling mix between art and message never completely jells; fans of Piskor’s previous work will thoroughly enjoy this well-designed volume

Graphic Novels from Ellis & Beagle and Maroto | Xpress Reviews

This series holds promise for fans of fluffy yet woke comics, with a first volume light on plot but big on love and friendship; these tales come slithering forth as nightmarish phantoms from the fetid mind of a superior horror wordsmith and a visual interpreter par excellence

Graphic Novels from Arawi, Bagieu, Hiaasen & Chast, Rall, and Simone & Co. | Xpress Reviews

Seasoned fans of comedic manga will want to give this comedy with soul a look; Bagieu has created something remarkable: a fresh and joyous look at women’s history; Hiaasen and Chast combine forces to help us keep our heads clear and our feet grounded; surprisingly energized about Francis’s possibilities but without blinders to the history of the Catholic faith; soon to be released as a TV series, with Simone as executive producer

Graphic Novels from Finney & McEvoy and Gill | Xpress Reviews

Will appeal to mature readers with a penchant for classic pulp fiction, great pen-and-ink work, and edgy whodunits; a stellar continuation of the first book in the series. Ideal for YA audiences, high school and college classrooms, and anyone interested in a full view of American history

Graphic Novels from Ferraris and Gibelin & Wendling | Xpress Reviews

A powerful story for mature readers both familiar with graphic narratives or new to the medium; recommended to fans of mature epic fantasies à la Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples’s Saga who are looking for a much shorter read

Graphic Novels from Bowers & Co., Reynolds, and Debuter Utkin | Xpress Reviews

More serious than readers seeking an Atari game–based comic might expect; This New World is not for everyone, though its interpretive nature is also its strength; this classic mythology told for modern readers will appeal to anyone with an interest in the subject

Graphic Novels from Fernandez, Furmark, and Mardon | Xpress Reviews

Tales is more than just another trip through Arabian nights and days; for anyone interested late 20th-century European politics and life, particularly in Sweden; readers interested in France’s Greatest Generation or family narratives will appreciate it

Graphic Novels: Christmas & Co., Lieberman & Co., Quintero & Peña, Rangel & Cadwell | Xpress Reviews

An exciting and fresh world; mature fans will enthusiastically embrace this; for anyone interested in fine art photography, particularly of Mexican and Southwestern American subjects; this vibrant story displays engaging mayhem; golden oldies remain imaginative tales of midnight noir; despite more successful tales than misfires, overall this remains a misshapen monster

Graphic Novels from Alagbé, Anderson & Carroll, Johnson & Co., and Rohmer & Robbins | Xpress Reviews

Carroll renders a story that fits squarely within the current zeitgeist yet remains a work of art for all time; for fans of Rohmer and Robbins only; Alagbé’s storytelling is often surreal and reads like poetry; originally released in 2008, Incognegro is a valuable book on multiple levels

The Horror, the Horror | 2017 Bram Stoker Awards Final Ballot

The Horror Writers Association (HWA), the premier organization for writers of horror and dark fantasy, has announced the 2017 Bram Stoker Awards® Final Ballot. Named in honor of the author of Dracula, the prizes are presented annually in 11 categories, including fiction, poetry, screenplays, and nonfiction.