New York Comic Con Preview | Geeky Friday

Since I’m registered as a member of the dreaded press (boo, hiss), I’m being bombarded with press releases from New York Comic Con (NYCC), which will consume Manhattan’s Javits Center beginning this Thursday—woohoo! I’m Ctrl C/Ctrl V-ing the better ones (if you find typos, blame them, I make enough of my own), so you can […]

Geeky Friday | Wolverine 2 Images, Rowling’s Casual Hint, Expanded JAWS Memories, Titan Books at NY Comic Con, Clone Wars Alert!

The first publicity images from the new Wolverine flick are surfacing. Even though the initial Wolvie Origins was mediocre, fanboys/girls can’t get enough of Hugh Jackman rocking the claws. Here’s Logan ripped and ready to kick wholesale ass (I know HJ is in unbelievable shape, but those abs look suspiciously shopped): And another with him […]

Geeky Friday | X Men Library Archive, The Hobbit Anniversary, Happy Birthday Stephen King

Greetings from Filth City! Earlier this week, the results of a survey conducted by Travel & Leisure magazine revealed that New York is the nation’s dirtiest metropolis. Gee, what a shock. Any subway rat or tenement roach could have told you that!   Not Too Dredd-ful Shockingly, the reviews for Dredd 3D actually are decent. […]

Geeky Friday | Scammed Rowling Tickets Go Poof!, Adult Swim NY ComicCon Schedule, Scary Muppets, Indy Marathon Last Call

To promote her forthcoming book, The Casual Vacancy, which is being billed as her first title for adults, J.K. Rowling will be making a single appearance at Lincoln Center on October 16. Due to what is being categorized as a “security breach,” some crooked bastard tried to turn it into a double appearance by putting […]

Geeky Friday Weekend Update | Raiders Rocks IMAX!

Caught Raiders of the Lost Ark in IMAX this weekend, and it was an unforgettable experience. This movie would have been fun on any screen, but it was simply incredible in the Goliath IMAX format. The audio systems in those theaters also are killer, so the sounds  perfectly accompany the visuals (and god bless sound […]

Geeky Friday | Fall Films Based on Books

Seems impossible, I know, but Hollywood is gearing up for its fall releases, and once again many of the promising properties are based on the print resources we hold near and dear. Here’s a breakdown by release date. For the real biggies, it’s probably a good idea to make sure you have copies of the […]

Geeky Friday | S.H.I.E.L.D. TV Pilot, Stephen King Trivia Books/Carrie Remake, On the Road Trailer, Spider Man Turns 50!

The summer has shot by in a blur, kids, and now has come full circle (how the hell did that happen?). It seems like just yesterday we were geeking over The Avengers opening in May and now it’s back in theaters this weekend for an encore performance to close out the Labor Day weekend. Speaking […]

Geeky Friday | Avengers Gag Reel, Expendable Women?, Rocketeer Reboot, Stephen King Audio

The Avengers Blu-ray is only a month away, and producers have leaked this gag reel that will be included in the release. Fun stuff. Female Expendables? The popularity of The Expendables series—the second installment raked in a respectable $28 million at its box office debut last weekend—has fueled the notion for a female version with […]

Geeky Friday | IDW Releasing Star Trek/Judge Dredd Reprints, Indy IMAX Orgasm, RIP SF Author Harry Harrison

Judge Dredd is undergoing a bit of a renaissance. A new 3D film is coming September 21, and IDW Publishing is rejuvenating the comic series with new books and classic reprints. This November, IDW will release Judge Dredd: The Complete Brian Bolland, “a fully black-and-white edition, presenting crisp, clean, and stunning pages of Brian Bolland […]

Geeky Friday | Dark Knight Trilogy: The Complete Screenplays, Spielberg’s Lincoln Biopic, Pictures from Mars

Steven Spielberg’s anticipated biopic Lincoln finally has a releases date. Although the film apparently has been in the can awhile, with the November election looming, Spielberg didn’t want the film to be seen as political, so shelved it for a more suitable time (when you’re Spielberg you can do that). Entertainment Weekly has snagged this […]