Geeky Friday: IDW Launching New Rocketeer/G.I. Joe Series in 2013, Tarantino’s “Dogs”/”Pulp” Back in Theaters, Jackson’s “Thriller” Turns 30!

Back in March, GF brought word that IDW Publishing had announced two Dave Stevens’ projects. In July, IDW issued the best of his work in Dave Stevens’ Covers & Stories, which showcased all his non-Rocketeer material. For finhead fans, IDW also had tapped writer Mark Waid and artist Chris Samnee (both huge Rocketeer geeks) for […]

Geeky Friday: Hobbit Ebooks, Harry Potter Exhibition in NYC, Jamie Foxx as Electro in Spidey 2, Toy Story 3 Writer Penning Next Star Wars

Tolkien heads are counting down on fingers and furry, little toes the number of days left before the first three-hour beast in Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit trilogy opens in theaters (Dec. 14). Houghton Mifflin’s Megan Wilson tells GF that the five tie-in titles (I’ve got advanced copies, and they are sweet!) also will be available […]

Geeky Friday: Hamill, Fisher, Ford Back in Star Wars Ep. VII?/Indy in Carbonite; First Look at The Art of Assassin’s Creed III/Halo 4

The revelation of another Star Wars trilogy has sent speculation flying that Luke and Mr. & Mrs. Han Solo will return to the big screen. After something as gigundo as the sale of Lucasfilm, there are going to be tons of stories floating around about what happens next, so it’s best to take everything as […]

Geeky Friday: Give George Lucas the Nobel Prize

Thanks to Hurricane Sandy, which still is ravaging my home area of Long Island, NY, (I still had no power/heat this morning), I missed the biggest geek story of the year (maybe the decade), namely Lucasfilms’s sale to Disney and the announcement of Star Wars: Episode VII coming in 2015. The geekosphere was buzzing with […]

Geeky Friday: “Iron Man 3” Teaser Poster/Trailer, Conan the Sexagenarian, “Evil Dead” Remake Trailer, “FDR: American Badass”

The teaser poster and a few pix from next year’s third leg of the Iron Man series has hit the web. John Favreau has handed directing duties over to Shane Black (although he appears again as Happy Hogan), so fingers crossed that the third time is still a charm and that the film upholds in […]

Geeky Friday: New York Comic Con Sets Record Attendance, DC Releasing Superman: Earth One, Vol. 2 in November, J.K. Rowling’s Naughty Bits

My feet have almost stopped aching from endlessly treading the Javits Center’s comfy cement floor at New York Comic Con last weekend. It was heaps of fun, and I’m still riding the high, but damn was it crowded! How crowded was it, you ask? Try 116,000 attendance over the four days, a new record—that’s a […]

Nerd Watching: New York Comic Con 2012 Wrap Up | Geeky Friday

Hey, gang, apologies for not posting daily, but by the time I was done loading and editing my photos, like Marty McFly I was OUTATIME! I’ll just post two days’ worth here. Completely MAD After the unexpected heavy start on Friday, the expected mayhem of Saturday didn’t seem that bad. Traffic jams sprang up everywhere […]

And the Geek Shall Inherit the Earth: New York Comic Con 2012, Day 2 | Geeky Friday

Following New York Comic Con’s fairly mild and sustainable Professionals day on Thursday, Friday, the first full day the show is open to the public, was the expected mob. Fanboys/girls of every size, shape, and color descended o n the Javits Center like it was the only dry ground in a flood. The show floor […]

The Pros Knows: New York Comic Con 2012 | Geeky Friday

  New York Comic Con’s (NYCC) 2012 edition got off to a “brisk” start on a beautifully clear yet breezy, chilly morning at the Javits Center October 11. A cadre of librarians, teachers, publishers, and others falling under the umbrella of the “Professionals” category enjoyed a number of morning and early afternoon panels before the […]

New York Comic Con Preview: Comics Studies Conference Panels Schedule | Geeky Friday

Although New York Comic Con is oodles of fun, it’s not all celebs and cosplay. There’s a serious side, too, highlighted by a subconference dubbed the Comics Studies Conference (CSC), which is organized by the Institute for Comics Studies. The Missouri-based nonprofit group’s goal is “to promote the study, understanding, recognition, and cultural legitimacy of […]