Tarzan Complete Strips, TMNT Micro Series, Weasley Turns Superhero, BTTF Delorean Restoration, Audies Nominations | Geeky Friday

The Oscars will be presented this Sunday with the usual craptacular pomp and nonsense. Woopty doo. Once the Academy began nominating more than five titles for Best Film without also nominating the respective directors it was the last nail in the coffin and proved that ticket sales and TV ratings are more important to the […]

Carol Tilley: Librarian Superhero, DC Releasing Batman: City of Owls/Earth 2, New Harry Potter Covers | Geeky Friday

Look up in the sky! It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a librarian! The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund (CBLDF) posted a terrific story on Carol Tilley, a library science professor at the University of Illinois, whose research shows that child psychologist Frederic Wertham falsified data for his 1954 volume Seduction of the Innocent, […]

Star Trek Superbowl Spot, Animated Marvel Inhumans DVD, Holy Batface!, Star Wars 3D RIP | Geeky Friday

Okay, geeks, I hope you’re all ready for the big game this weekend and have laid in plenty of brews and munchies! If you’re thinking the Superbowl has nothing to do with geekdom and you’ll be spending another Sunday watching reruns of The Big Bang Theory, then au contraire mon frere! During the game’s second […]

Marvel Knights Animation/Shout Factory Releasing “Inhumans” on DVD

Marvel Comics has the Midas touch with morphing its properties from print to screen—both great and small. The company’s Marvel Knights Animation division announced on January 29 that it will release an animated version of its Inhumans on DVD this spring. Developed by the Eisner Award-winning team of Paul Jenkins (writer) and Jae Lee (artist), […]

J.J. Abrams Directing Star Wars 7, Marvel’s MAX on comiXology Platform, RED 2 Trailer, Live-action Toy Story | Geeky Friday

The Force is with J.J. Abrams! After much speculation, the geekosphere was abuzz yesterday with word that Lucasfilm/Disney has tapped J.J. Abrams to direct Star Wars: Episode 7. As 3PO would say, “Thank the maker!” Abrams did a sweet job bringing new life to the recent Star Trek reboot without disrespecting the original. His own […]

Big Sur/Big Screen, Sin City Sequel, Monopoly Makeover | Geeky Friday

The screen adaptation of Jack Kerouac’s Beat bible, On the Road, goes into wide distribution soon. The Entertainment Weekly review dubbed it’s an “almost painfully literal adaptation” that “doesn’t conjure the rapture of Kerouac’s bohemian romanticism.” Still, the film ranked a B-, which, frankly, isn’t terrible. Film also is tackling Kerouac’s Big Sur, which is […]

George Lucas Engaged/Jedi Top Religion, Comics App Soars, Texas Chainsaw 3D, Hail to The King | Geeky Friday

Happy 2013! Man, did 2012 suck or what? Put garlic in its mouth, chop its head off, and pound a stake through its heart! Starting off on a happy note, big GF congrats to George Lucas on his engagement to Mellody Hobson, his girlfriend of six years (does she know he just gave away all […]

Happy 90th Birthday Stan Lee, RIP Master Puppeteer Gerry Robinson, Ereading Rises | Geeky Friday

Can’t let the day pass without wishing Stan Lee a happy 90th birthday. Although the history of comic books and superheroes was written by many, if there’s one person who represents that world to the public it’s Stan the Man. For co creating Spider-Man (with Steve Ditko) alone he warrants a place of highest honor […]

The Hobbit Sets December Box Office Record

Director Peter Jackson and Middle-earth still go together, like Sam and Frodo. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, the first leg in his return to J.R.R. Tolkien’s mythical world set a December box-office record in it’s opening weekend in U.S. theaters, garnering almost $85 million in ticket sales. Add to that the roughly $138 million in […]

Hobbit 3D Causes Motion Sickness, Alan Moore’s New Nemo, Star Trek: Into Darkness Trailer and Hemingway’s Stolen Suitcase | Geeky Friday

Not only is The Hobbit’s near three-hour running time a butt-buster, but according to several press reports, the cutting edge 3D is making some audience members sick to their stomachs. Director Peter Jackson shot the film at the unusually high speed of 48 frames per second, twice the standard 24 fps. This increased speed in […]