Fiction from Castillo, Cole, Delany, Goolrick, Kelly, and a Quintet of Debuts | Xpress Reviews

This tale of suspense will excite Kate Burkholder fans; Delany readers will find much to enjoy and ponder; internationally best-selling author Kelly offers up an engrossing intergenerational story of love and family; Parker takes her place next to similar writers such as Laura Dave and Jane Green; sans of Sarah Waters’s Fingersmith will find this a good companion; this series launch is a great choice for readers of British police procedurals; this has been getting some prepub buzz, so die-hard thriller fans might be interested; this study will please those who want more than thrill-a-minute reading

1920s Women Artists | Fiction Reviews

To be loved by historical fiction fans, a story based on the history of the busiest transportation hubs; A fast-paced mystery, mixed with a star-crossed romance

Fiction from Adcock, Alger, Arvin, Cargill, La Plante, McCafferty, & Wiggs, plus a Debut | Xpress Reviews

This leisurely paced second novel that is bound to attract readers of feminist sf mysteries; highly recommended for fans of fast-paced thrillers in the tradition of John Grisham; this somewhat facile work will entertain fans of dark humor; a sharply observant literary debut novel; more than enough thrills to satisfy any crime novel enthusiast; fans of C.J. Box and Craig Johnson will relish this page-turner; recommended for readers of contemporary romance

Fiction from Clinton & Patterson, plus Buckley, Hamdy, and Debuter Fleet | Xpress Reviews

A wry, witty, enjoyable romp—Buckley knows how to turn a phrase; Clinton offers the inside scoop on life in the White House, and Patterson spins a tense plot; this debut psychological family drama is perfect for fans of domestic thrillers who do not mind a slower pace; the pace and writing have a cinematic flair, defining this as a true page-turner

Fiction from Connolly, Cowie, Harris, MacKenzie, and Seewald | Xpress Reviews

Another great addition to a popular series that will please its many fans; this novel should appeal to readers who enjoy real-life historical rocky love stories; a quick, amusing read that will appeal to those who like their mythology set in present day; MacKenzie deftly weaves the threads of World War II together, connecting many international corners; romantic suspense with an interesting plot and explicit sex scenes

Fiction from Billingham, Connolly, Dylan, Scottoline, and Winman, plus Debuter Ripley | Xpress Reviews

Billingham’s his novels practically cry out for adaptation; Connolly makes his literary debut with this exceptional novel about a comic genius; for fans of John Grisham, Scott Turow, and Hank Phillippi Ryan; debut thriller is highly recommended for fans of Lee Child and C.J. Box; fans of domestic suspense will snap this one up; Winman makes the everyday remarkable

Fiction from Dekker, Eden, Jeong, North, Talley, and Thomas, plus Lagos Noir | Xpress Reviews

Dekker’s many fans will be lining up for this profound and multilayered allegorical tale; readers will particularly enjoy the banter between Evangeline and Dermot; a taut psychological thriller; will satisfy both the fan of contemporary African fiction; the dense slow-to-start plot carries through to the end; Talley does an excellent job of making her flawed characters vastly more gray than black and white; stitching in several threads of mystery, Thomas hits another winner with this latest romance

Fiction from Andrews, Roberts, Ware, and Debuter Thomas | Xpress Reviews

Mainly for Andrews’s fans; Roberts does an excellent job of creating sympathetic and relatable characters with real-life problems; Thomas writes with confident verve and a gift for expressive dialog; Ware’s fourth novel is her best yet

Fiction from Jennings, Jump, Kidd, Koontz, Pötzsch, Torras, and Widger, plus a Quartet of Debuts | Xpress Reviews

An eye-opening and rewarding debut; a finely tuned, knife-edge thriller with two equally unflinching women; Nora finds her place in her own life as well as within her bustling Irish Catholic family; a fine Irish feast for the literary crowd; for fans who appreciate a fierce female protagonist; for readers whose tastes range from high literary to smart urban fiction; an action-packed adventure; neither a dystopian nor sunny view of our tech-mediated future; language that’s quick and bruising, sharp-edged and relentless; complicated relationships, imperfect technology, and a semidystopian backstory

Royal Lives | Fiction Reviews

An enjoyable read for fans of historical fiction, especially when dealing with the lives of kings and queens; A broader illustration of the life of Jane Seymour, third wife of King Henry VIII