April 2017 LibraryReads

Spring has officially sprung and with its sunshine and warm weather also comes some fantastic reads. Fall in love with the charactors and relationships that number one bestselling author Elizabeth Strout reveals in her powerful new novel, travel back in time with Julie McElwain and her Heroine Kendra Donovan who will do anything to save […]

From Sardinia to Israel to Nepal to…Atlantic City | Audio in Advance April 2017 | FICTION

Strong sounds of fiction for springtime listening, including a few tense thrillers, family dramas, and romance.

Celebrating Women’s History Month | Wyatt’s World

It’s an exciting time to create a display celebrating Women’s History Month. Here are five selections to consider putting into the hands of readers

Elizabeth Strout | LibraryReads Author Spotlight, January 1, 2016

“People will go after you for combining poverty and abuse,” warns Sarah Payne, a writer admired by the eponymous heroine of Elizabeth Strout’s My Name Is Lucy Barton.

Fiction from Harris, Mack, Morton, Strout, and Wells | Xpress Reviews

Harris limns Cicero, Mack’s Maisie gets Choked Up, Morton’s latest features gothic undertones, Strout’s Lucy is highly recommended, Wells’s comic mystery is shouting “series”

LibraryReads January 2016

Some welcome nonfiction makes the first LibraryReads list of the new year, with librarians favoring Bill Bryson’s latest as one of January’s best reads. Beloved fiction authors make the list too, with titles by Elizabeth Strout, Dean Koontz, and Ian Rankin also on librarians’ bedside tables. Interested in getting involved in LibraryReads, the monthly list […]

Xpress Reviews: Audiobooks | First Look at New Books, July 26, 2013

Realistic erotica from Banks, dysfunctional family lore from Leavitt, Philbrick on Bunker Hill, an enjoyable sf debut, multiple points of view from Strout, heartwarming story of family roots from Wiggs