Sock Knitting, Soapmaking, Wedding Paper Crafts, and Tangle Drawing | Crafts & DIY Reviews, April 15, 2016

A great collection of crafts/DIY books including how to make your own soap, paper crafts to pretty up your wedding day, soothing tangle drawings, sock knitting, and more

The Property Brothers’ Guide to Fixing Your Home, Drawing Comics, and The Joy of Stitching | Crafts & DIY Reviews, March 15, 2016

An essential guide that informs readers on how to sell, buy, and potentially remodel any residence; a dynamic how-to manual for drawing comics; a fun collection will appeal to needleworkers who enjoy a combination of folk art flair and homemade, quirky charm, and many more crafts/DIY books

Vintage Sewing, DIY Natural Hair Coloring, and Ellen DeGeneres | Crafts & DIY Reviews, March 1, 2016

Follow Ellen Degeneres’ tours of homes she’s decorated, learn how to color your hair with natural ingredients, learn how to knit, sew vintage dresses and more with this wonderful collection of craft and DIY books

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The best crafts & DIY from 2013.

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Sketching It Out: Learn to Draw | Collection Development

As with any sort of collection development, librarians building a learning to draw collection should consider trends, interests, and demographics of their users and their local community. For example, do you have a large constituent of retired seniors who may be looking for a new hobby?