Fiction: Burke, Dev, Haig, Hammett, Harper, Hunt, Johnson, Olafsson, Plante, Reich, Sutton, Vaughan | Xpress Reviews

Another excellent thriller in the Robicheaux series; Dev crafts another thrilling story filled with intense drama; Emory’s solid women’s fiction debut; Haig’s prose is as eloquent and beautiful as ever; a compelling and timely novel; for mystery aficionados and Hammett fans; sweet tale of the city girl finding a home in the country; Johnson writes here with rare understanding, compassion, and generosity of spirit; for fans of Sherlock Holmes and spy novels; Olafsson explores such timeless themes as love; Reich introduces an appealing new protagonist; perfect for fans of Elmore Leonard and Lee Child; a gripping courtroom drama

Xpress Reviews: Nonfiction | First Look at New Books, October 25, 2013

Baking artistry, gluten-free style; more memoir from Pat Conroy, cohost Irby on the everyday, the London arts scene in the 1960s, a tasty treat about the Food Network, something for scholars of social theory, You Can Change Your Life, says Yeung