E-Originals from Curtis and Kilraine and Back to the Borderland with Mecca | Xpress Reviews

Very thrilling, with lots of action and lots of sex; fans of renovation romances and complex family dynamics will want to check out this new series; Mecca still finds ways to make each story unique, with this latest installment as enjoyable as the first

E-Originals from James, Leigh, Mecca, and Pace | Xpress Reviews

Any amount of James is worth the effort; a solid entry to a new series sure to be a hit with fans of bad boy rockers; this solid novel is for anyone with an interest in the Middle Ages; Pace scores a goal with this Cinderella story

E-Originals from Albert, Dover, and Mecca | Xpress Reviews

Libraries where S.E. Jakes is popular will find a ready audience for Albert’s “Out of Uniform” books; with sexy heat between the sheets and an unpredictable twist, Dover’s new series opener should have wide appeal; Mecca’s book is a strong choice for any reader who enjoys stories set in medieval times featuring strong-willed female characters and knights