Embracing Life | Memoir

This month’s memoirs focus on death and transformation. They each have lessons to teach about embracing life, while we still have it.

Families & Addiction, Philosophers, Two Debuts, & Joyce Maynard | Memoir

A grab-bag of titles about drug addiction, prevailing against all odds, almost forgotten ancestors, a love story cut short, and a Renaissance philosopher.

Tomes of the Brave | Memoir

This month, all the memoir picks are about being brave, and the many forms that it may take. Even when dealing with heavy subject matter, the authors find light, humor, and meaning in their experiences.

Life Advocates | Science & Technology Reviews, March 15, 2016

Two heartfelt memoirs of women who battled cancer to the end. A breast cancer activist becomes the face of Breast Cancer Action and highlights her views on women’s health; a research specialist gets diagnosed with terminal cancer and parlays her thoughts on life in a series of cards to her daughter, Brianna.

Dads, Death, Disasters, Drinking | Memoir

This Is Only a Test

November’s memoir picks are a bit of a hodgepodge perhaps, but also a fine slice of contemporary American memoir.