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As the fall cookbook season gets underway—look for the annual Cookbook Countdown starting November 3—don’t forget the many titles focused on beverages, from bourbon to tea. These picks combine bar food and drinks, flash fiction and cocktails, and even famous distillery cats. Here are six covering swills of all sorts.

Spritz by Talia Baiocchi & Leslie Pariseau | LJ Review

Coauthors Baiocchi and Pariseau, managing editors of the lively online drinks magazine Punch, present this attractive book on Italy’s iconic sparkling aperitivo, locating its origins—and its spirit—in the concept of sprezzatura: an untranslatable spirit of “effortless grace” that dates back to the 16th century.

Wild Drinks & Cocktails by Emily Han | LJ Review

In her first book, Los Angeles–based “wildcrafter” and drinks expert Han provides recipes for syrups and various libations to make at home using gathered or purchased plants, flowers, spices, and fruits.

Time for Tea | LJ Reviews

The Tea Book delivers on its promise to both relax and educate; Shearer’s gorgeous first book details a variety of facts, stories, and recipes; Uhl’s debut is essential, classic, sophisticated, and refined

Time for Tea | Wyatt’s World

Tea is hot right now. From magazine features to specialty shops to tea sommeliers, more and more people are savoring the pleasures of a good cuppa. Here are five books to support your readers’ habit.

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Beverage reviews from the September 15, 2013 issue.