Best Books 2012: Historical Fiction

By Jane Henrickson Baird Anton, Maggie. Rav Hisda’s Daughter, Bk. 1: Apprentice: A Novel of Love, the Talmud, and Sorcery. Plume: Penguin Group (USA). ISBN 9780452298095. pap. $16; eISBN  9781101603451. Complex discussions of Jewish law and tradition as well as detailed descriptions of the culture and customs of the times enhance this wonderful story of […]

Best Databases 2012

It’s said that in a recession, people opt for old-world comforts. While in the electronic world there isn’t much that’s old world, the librarians who responded to this year’s call for best-database nominations name some mainstays that are likely to inspire some e-nostalgia. Consumer Reports, CultureGrams, and Guide to Reference are resources we’ve relied upon […]