Nonfiction: Coming Out, Environmental Philosophy, Tom Yawkey, TM, Martin Luther King Jr. | Xpress Reviews

A candid story of redemption and self-discovery; the author has a passion for baseball; examines the ways one can advance the opportunities for being lucky; Mueller creates an accessible introduction to environmental philosophy; a thorough explanation of what transcendental meditation is; Red Sox and baseball history fans will appreciate; for students of urban policy; original essays about Martin Luther King Jr.; capturing elusive experiences in interesting worlds

Sports | Best Sellers, November 2017

Women in Sports; The Cubs Way; Shark Drunk

Leveling the Field: Women in Sports | Collection Development

Title IX relates to equality for everyone in sports. Recently it has been in the news for issues other than athletics and physical education. These 30 resources will level any collection.

Jake Fakes It; Grandpa Flies Again; The Metropolitans Take Charge | Middle Grade Fiction

Listen in on fun and flying middle grade fiction.

Ballpark Dreams: Biographies and Histories That Will Be of Interest All Yearlong

Bjarkman’s book is revelation; Kenny delivers an entertaining read for the all-around baseball fan; Kurkjian’s thoughtful approach shows why the game fascinates legions of fans; anyone interested in baseball’s legacy will enjoy Lindbergh and Miller’s account.

Baseball’s Varied History: Known and Little-Known Heroes | Sports Reviews, February 15, 2015

The first executive director of the Major League Baseball Player Association, a short and enthralling history of known and little-known players, a different angle on America’s pastime, a book for baseball fans with an interest in the business side of the game.

Baseball and Faith | May 1, 2013

Reviews of sports titles that also address spirituality.

Audio Reviews | March 1, 2013

Reviews of H.W. Brands’s The Man Who Saved the Union, R.A. Dickey & Wayne Coffey’s Wherever I Wind Up, and William Souder’s On a Farther Shore, plus a full list of audiobook reviews in the March 1 issue.

Spring Baseball Roster | February 15, 2013 (With Two Online-Only Reviews Added)

Everything you need to read up on America’s favorite pastime this spring.

Chris Ballard on One Shot at Forever | Tantorious

Chris Ballard is a senior writer at Sports Illustrated and was a 2012 National Magazine Award finalist. He is the author of The Art of a Beautiful Game, The Butterfly Hunter, and Hoops Nation. His new book, One Shot at Forever: A Small Town, an Unlikely Coach, and a Magical Baseball Season, tells the inspirational story of a high-school baseball team from rural Illinois in 1971. Led by an English teacher with no coaching experience, the Macon Ironmen emerged from a field of 370 teams to become the smallest school in Illinois history to make the state final, a distinction that still stands. Tantorious is a semi-monthly podcast series featuring interviews with well-known authors, hosted by Allan Hoving and presented by Tantor Audio.