Nonfiction: Reducing Sugar, Braverman’s Memoir, the Ryder Cup, Copley, Language | Xpress Reviews,

For health-conscious cooks and bakers; a real-life thriller combined with a remarkable coming-of-age tale; with appeal to those interested in golf, leadership, and business; at the Revolutionary War from a slightly different perspective; more to enjoy in McWhorter’s discussion

Revolutionary Reading | Wyatt’s World

Celebrate July 4th with the Hamilton cast album and show tie-in (Lin-Manuel Miranda and Jeremy McCarter’s Hamilton: The Revolution) and consider some other recent works on the era.

The March of Military History: Part 1

Part 1 of a collection of titles on military history, covering subjects other than World War I or II.

2012 Military History Roundup: With Ten Additional Reviews

Reviews of military biographies and historical surveys, as well as books on the American Revolution, American Civil War, and 19th-century conflicts.

Publisher's Perspective: The Meaning of Revolution

Publisher's Perspective: The Meaning of Revolution