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What Is It About a Duke? Despite the rarity in real life of the existence of dukes, as well as other nobles, they are alive, well, and constantly multiplying on the pages of popular historical romances—especially those set during the 19th century. If your readers’ passions run toward high-ranking title-holders, check out the works below.

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Cullen’s latest is a spicy romance between two strong and willful characters; deWolfe’s central story is a page-turner; Seth’s overbearing nature wins out, resulting in a less-than-convincing hero and happily ever after in Grey’s latest; fans of sports romance will find a lot to like in this latest from Rider

Xpress Reviews: Fiction | First Look at New Books, July 12, 2013

A page-turner from Cameron, a A coming–of–middle age story from Casey, delightful, realistic characters and surprising humor from Dahl, Mystery Girl is funny and frantic, a touching tale from Grey, Lehmann combines history and fashion, “magic” from Mankell, enthralling romance from Robinson, a highly entertaining debut from Shah, a literary suspense novel from Stroud