Graphic Novels from Wilson & Shimojima, plus Debuters Simon & Brascaglia and Tung | Xpress Reviews

This volume gets into superfan specifics and sports politics, making it more intricate than it first appears; Tung’s tale is pleasant but does little to distinguish itself from the pack; an excellent addition to any graphic novel collection and for all readers interested in nonfiction and historical work

Graphic Novels by Martinson and Wilson & Shimojima on Japan, plus Moore | Xpress Reviews

Fans will appreciate how the epilog mirrors the prolog, ending the trilogy perfectly; light manga artwork coupled with a succinct, well-researched narrative will entice readers; for anyone looking for an introduction to the Buddha and his teachings

Xpress Reviews: Graphic Novels | First Look at New Books, November 22, 2013

Mad Magazine’s Dave Berg and a famous samurai story from Wilson and Shimojima