Fresh Starts, New Beginnings | Romance Reviews, April 15, 2018

Just as spring is a time of beginnings, themes of hope and fresh starts are popular in the romance genre. Whether it’s a heroine running from her past toward a new life, a couple reunited after years apart, or an individual turned in an unexpected direction, the concept that change is possible, with the dream of better things to come, is irresistible—and the inherent promise of the season.

Madeline Miller’s Circe: Perpetual Outsider, Powerful God | No. 1 LibraryReads Author

Like her Orange Prize–winning The Song of Achilles, Madeline Miller’s Circe revitalizes our appreciation of ancient Greek mythology and its profound insights into human nature, never mind its basis in the antics of the gods.

The Silicon Standard | Technology in Focus

Further readings on current and coming tech and how it impacts the human experience.

LJ Reference | Review Alert, April 15, 2018

An informative and engaging introduction to the Bible for general readers; this insightful, enthusiastic portrayal of unrest in New York city offers general readers and students of all levels a solid starting place; a gamut of databases and resources that focus on pacifism—the flip side of armed conflict

LJ Audio & Video | Review Alert, April 15, 2018

Narrator Mia Barron’s performance is understated yet elegant in this detailed, exciting thriller; fans of Carmen Maria Machado, Jenny Zhang, and Tessa Hadley will find considerable resonance here; a truly thought-provoking documentary—uplifting & brutally honest; sure to have divisive reactions but nevertheless is a relevant addition to LGBTQ studies; Spirits of Rebellion shines a light on a lesser-known element of film history

LJ Fiction, Sf/Fantasy, Romance | Review Alert, April 15, 2018

A solid recommendation for historical fiction readers; a stunning, gritty story of survival that unfolds with raw emotion on every page; complex, intense, and engrossing, this riveting romantic thriller has a chilling gothic touch; a work of tremendous ambition, strangeness, and compassion that will appeal to fans of New Weird authors; Willis packs a punch with this slim novella

LJ Nonfiction | Review Alert, April 15, 2018

Le Guin fans will relish the intimate insights the novelist shares here; Hilburn’s well-researched book will be vital reading for Paul Simon devotees; Al Samawi’s debut memoir is a triumphant work that will appeal to broad readership; recommended advice for women who have been “leaning in” but feel stuck; expert guidance for gardeners in water-challenged areas; a highly recommended celebration of Vietnam’s tantalizing vegetarian and vegan cuisine

Q&A: Brad Parks, Winner of the Shamus, Nero, and Lefty Awards

With the March release of Closer Than You Know (starred review, LJ 10/1/17), Parks continues to delve into the darker aspects of suburban life. Here he shares his inspiration for the new book and writing background.

For Some Stories, Comics Are a Natural Fit | LJ Talks to Interlink Books

Interlink Books as added graphic novels to its already well-rounded roster of fiction and nonfiction, many with a Middle Eastern slant. Why graphic novels now? LJ asked Interlink publicist Whitney Sanderson.

#MeToo, Box Brown, Comics for Choice, Babylon Berlin, Mean Girls, Manga Master Ito, Art/Life Advice | Graphic Novels Reviews

A fun and informative read that fans of Kaufman, wrestling, and showbiz lore are sure to adore; lovers of crime comics will savor all the details of this complicated adult story; this lively self-care guide should wake up artists, amateur and pro, and also apply to anyone who sits at the ­computer all day; fans of any age will love