Fresh Takes on Rumpelstiltskin and Sherlock Holmes, Solving a Dystopian Mystery, Imagining Alternate Histories | SF/Fantasy Reviews

This gritty debut takes the swords and sorcery trope to new heights; a must for epic fantasy enthusiasts; irreverent, funny, and full of entertaining wordplay, this will keep readers guessing; this notable anthology is for seasoned readers and those looking to discover speculative fiction’s vast possibilities

Summer Reads To Warm the Heart | Romance Reviews

Despite the summer, with all its activities, being possibly busier than the rest of the year, the idea of taking the time to curl up on a porch swing with a glass of ice-cold tea or lemonade and a good book still has appeal, and publishers are making sure there are plenty of options.

Best Sellers: Books Most Borrowed, May 2018

Little Fires lights up the No. 1 spot; Tidying Up decamps (finally), while Comey displays A Higher Loyalty

In Translation | The Reader’s Shelf

Books in translation are gathering a crowd of readers happy to explore global literary production. These six titles include famous translators and a new translation of a beloved poem.

Polish Recipes, Grilling Basics, Vegan Variety, Seasonal Soul Food, & More | Cooking Reviews

A treasury of traditional and modern Polish home cooking; an excellent choice for beginners and most grilling collections; a vibrant vegan cookbook to keep on hand for tailgates and weekend ­parties; the expertly written and beautifully produced Soul deserves a spot in most collections

Fast Scans of the Fencer, Thelma, Tribes of Palos Verdes, Trip to the Moon, Women in Love | Top Foreign & Indie Picks

Like chicken soup for the soul, this filmic “comfort food” offers virtually no surprises; this psychological thriller with horror overtones offers a startling finale; expressive cinematography captures the sunny idyll in which a young girl’s coming of age; a restrained but by no means tame adaptation of a D.H. Lawrence novel

LJ Talks to First Novelist Rachel Heng | Debut Spotlight

Rachel Heng’s Suicide Club offers a riveting contemplation on what it means to live. Here the author talks about turning the complexities of life and death into a literary dystopia.

Graphically Speaking: Sequential Art Continues To Proliferate | Spotlight on Graphic Novels

According to our graphic novels preview, titles based on sequential art continue to proliferate, in libraries and beyond. We also interview the folks at Drawn & Quarterly and new publisher Tee Franklin

Spotlight on Big-Buzzing Debut Novelist Tommy Orange | LibraryReads Author

Set in Oakland, as its title suggests, Tommy Orange’s There There uses coruscating, whip-fast language to delineate the Oakland ­Native community and the ­Native experience generally.

July LibraryReads 2018

Summer is here and so are some amazing new books. Travel alongside a woman through her life-changing journey in Anne Tyler’s new novel Clock Dance; C.W. Gortner’s historically authentic novel takes you to another time and place to witness the fall of an empire and the rise of one powerful woman; and become captivated by New […]