The Virtues of Girl Detectives

Happy Publication Day to librarian Max Wirestone, whose debut mystery, The Unfortunate Decisions of Dahlia Moss, hits library and bookstore shelves today. To celebrate this important occasion, Wirestone shares some of the attributes of his favorite fictional girl detectives that influenced his own creation.

Book Shelving: Check It Out | Behind the Book, July 2015

“Volunteering at a library is rewarding. It was a thrill to see my mysteries on the library shelves…. It was fun to recommend my favorite writers, if a patron asked for help. If they liked my suggestions, I felt like a successful matchmaker.”

Q&A: Mike Sweet

Credo Reference is well known to librarians as the creator of Topic Pages, handy collections of reliable information on myriad subjects. Sweet, the CEO of Credo Reference here talks to LJ about information literacy and advocacy.

Postcards from Paris 1950: Remembering Howard Fast

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of Howard Fast’s birth, the author’s daughter, Rachel Fast Ben-Avi ) recalls those three months in 1950 when she, at the age of six, received postcards from a father who was “spending the summer in Paris.” At the time, Fast was in a federal prison for refusing to name names before the House Un-American Activities Committee.

Writing What I Know | Behind the Book, March 1, 2014

Author Chris Pavone discusses the dreaded second novel

Going Local: Celebrating a Decade of Resident Writers

Akashic Books publisher Johnny Temple shares his passion and appreciation of Brooklyn-affiliated writers

A Genre’s Woman Problem | Mystery BackTalk, December 2013

Award-winning author Hilary Davidson decries crime fiction’s violent misogyny

Inspirational Romance & Erotic Romance: Something in Common? | In the Bookroom

Library Journal’s Romance reviewer, Kristin Ramsdell, shares her thoughts on the genre dearest to her heart

Librarian’s Best Books of 2012: Ebook Romance

By Marlene Harris, Reading Reality, LLC, Atlanta In a year where two ebook romances won the Romance Writers of America RITA Awards in head-to-head (maybe that should be heart-to-heart) competition against print titles, 2012 was an even better year for ebook romance. And with more to choose, there are even more to love. Choosing five, […]

Nancy Pearl’s Book Lust Rediscoveries: What to Read After Watching Mad Men

What to read for a 1960s fix.