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Summer Listening: Read by the Author | Wyatt’s World

As audiobook month continues to unspool, consider titles read by the author. The writer as narrator ensures that character voices, rhythm of line, and inflection notes will all be delivered by one who has already spent a great deal of time creating and listening to the work.

Nonfiction: Foucault on Film and Healing Through Horses | Xpress Reviews

Fans of Foucault and libraries with robust philosophy sections might find value in a compact one-volume collection that makes Foucault’s film-related works accessible to English speakers; conservationists, horse enthusiasts, and individuals dealing with similar life changes may find value in Kane’s journey of self-discovery

Physics, June 2018 | Best Sellers

August 2017 to date as identified by GOBI Library Solutions from EBSCO

Read To Lead | Leadership

Seventeen titles to give new library leaders context and help experienced ones keep things fresh

Nonfiction: Historic Gardens, Dressage, Landscaping for Climate Change, Memoir, Social Media | Xpress Reviews

Gardeners, historians, and photographers will all appreciate this gorgeous and informative book; for libraries in areas where there is interest in horses and especially the sport of dressage; something in this hopeful handbook for every gardener who wants to help fight climate change; the author will likely find an audience in those who like over-the-top, crude humor; this work will appeal to military, cybersecurity, and political readers

Philosophy, June 2018 | Best Sellers

August 2017 to date as identified by GOBI Library Solutions from EBSCO

Librarians Shout ‘n Share Their Show Picks | BookExpo 2018

Celebrating its tenth anniversary, Library Journal‘s popular Librarian Shout ‘n Share panel once again took center stage on the final day of BookExpo 2018, held May 30–June 1 at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in Manhattan.

Zoology and Botany, May 2018 | Best Sellers

July 2017 to date as identified by GOBI Library Solutions from EBSCO

The Writer’s Path | Social Science Reviews

A literary travelog, ideal for fans of Rick Bass; Perfect for a literature-inspired vacation in Washington D.C.

Start-Up Culture | Science & Technology Reviews

A behind-the-scenes account of start-up culture, tech geeks and business historians alike will enjoy this; A true tale from a Google-acquired company that should appeal to people fascinated with start-up culture