Graphic Novels

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Biblical Tales, RUSA Summer Fiction, Top Works in Translation, Erotic Romance, Graphic Memoirs, & Historical Mysteries | Review Alert: June 1, 2018

Younts’s powerful novel reverberates with love that crosses religious and racial boundaries; a deliciously erotic bayou love story that readers will savor; Anderson’s genre-bending, mind-dazzling Godhead will have readers desperately waiting future installments; these top books in translation will take you far; those who cannot get enough of royal weddings will be charmed

Graphic Novels by Perez and Boydell, Ridley & Others, and Voloj & Campi | Xpress Reviews

A challenging, intense, and empathic account of finding oneself despite heavy odds; this series will resonate with fans of gritty superhero stories with provocative social commentary; recommended for fans of the iconic Superman, those with an interest in the history of the comics industry, and pop culture enthusiasts

Graphic Novels | Best Sellers, May 2018

Picture these: Ms. Marvel, The Walking Dead, and Black Panther & the Crew

Graphic Novels by Bellaire & Co. and Nixon-plus | Xpress Reviews

Overall, it’s worth taking a midnight stroll with this expressionistic horror tale; owing to intense sensory overload on each page, the artwork actually detracts from the story, which might leave readers slightly frustrated

Graphic Novels: Bechko & Hardman, Butcher’s Files, Lewis & Yarksy, and Piskor | Xpress Reviews

Longtime Green Lantern fans will enjoy seeing favorite heroes and concepts cast in a new light; Butcher’s many fans will not be disappointed with the action; a rich narrative, but the thrilling mix between art and message never completely jells; fans of Piskor’s previous work will thoroughly enjoy this well-designed volume

Graphic Novels from Ellis & Beagle and Maroto | Xpress Reviews

This series holds promise for fans of fluffy yet woke comics, with a first volume light on plot but big on love and friendship; these tales come slithering forth as nightmarish phantoms from the fetid mind of a superior horror wordsmith and a visual interpreter par excellence

Graphic Novels from Arawi, Bagieu, Hiaasen & Chast, Rall, and Simone & Co. | Xpress Reviews

Seasoned fans of comedic manga will want to give this comedy with soul a look; Bagieu has created something remarkable: a fresh and joyous look at women’s history; Hiaasen and Chast combine forces to help us keep our heads clear and our feet grounded; surprisingly energized about Francis’s possibilities but without blinders to the history of the Catholic faith; soon to be released as a TV series, with Simone as executive producer

Graphic Novels from Finney & McEvoy and Gill | Xpress Reviews

Will appeal to mature readers with a penchant for classic pulp fiction, great pen-and-ink work, and edgy whodunits; a stellar continuation of the first book in the series. Ideal for YA audiences, high school and college classrooms, and anyone interested in a full view of American history

For Some Stories, Comics Are a Natural Fit | LJ Talks to Interlink Books

Interlink Books as added graphic novels to its already well-rounded roster of fiction and nonfiction, many with a Middle Eastern slant. Why graphic novels now? LJ asked Interlink publicist Whitney Sanderson.

#MeToo, Box Brown, Comics for Choice, Babylon Berlin, Mean Girls, Manga Master Ito, Art/Life Advice | Graphic Novels Reviews

A fun and informative read that fans of Kaufman, wrestling, and showbiz lore are sure to adore; lovers of crime comics will savor all the details of this complicated adult story; this lively self-care guide should wake up artists, amateur and pro, and also apply to anyone who sits at the ­computer all day; fans of any age will love