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Stephanie Sendaula (ssendaula@mediasourceinc.com) is an Associate Editor at Library Journal.

LJ Talks to Journalist Lauren Hilgers

Journalist Lauren Hilgers (Harper’s, Wired, Businessweek, The New Yorker, New York Times Magazine) lived and worked in Shanghai, China, for six years. While reporting on the Wukan protests, the author met activist Zhuang Liehong, who was eventually arrested for his activities. After Hilgers moved to New York, Zhuang contacted her to explain that he and […]

New Perspectives | Day of Dialog Brooklyn

Besides offering New Perspectives, speakers at this aptly named panel at LJ’s inaugural Day of Dialog Brooklyn asked thought-provoking questions. Obama campaign blogger Sam Graham-Felsen‘s debut novel, Green (Random, Jan. 2018), depicts the experiences of a white boy in a mostly black school. His novel is a reflection of his lived experience, “what it felt […]

More Writing, Less War: LJ Talks to Thomas J. Brennan and Finbarr O’Reilly

“I believe that consistent storytelling about war and trauma is the key to moving forward the conversation about war’s impact on mental health.”

Coming of Age in Apartheid-era South Africa | Debut Spotlight

South African–born, Toronto-based first novelist Bianca Marais’s Hum If You Don’t Know the Words tells the absorbing coming-of-age story of nine-year-old Robin Conrad. Living as a young white girl in Apartheid-era South Africa, Robin forms a new family after losing her own.

The First Amendment Resistance Presented By Pen America | Book Expo 2017

Activists, journalists, authors, lawyers, and a Gamergate survivor discussed First Amendment Resistance at a Pen America-sponsored panel.

We Need Diverse Books: Following Up After Fouling Up | BookExpo 2017

Eager listeners gathered on Friday, June 2 for We Need Diverse Books: Following Up After Fouling Up: Real Talk About Real Apologies. Moderated by Boston University School of Education’s Laura M. Jiménez, the panel featured award-winning author Alex Gino; bestselling author Daniel José Older; LJ and SLJ Reviews Director Kiera Parrot; and author Ibi Zoboi, […]

Janet Mock in Conversation with Doreen St. Felix | Book Con 2017

  On Saturday, June 3, BookCon attendees visited the Downtown Stage to hear journalist and author Janet Mock chat with MTV News writer Doreen St. Felix about her latest memoir, Surpassing Certainty: What My Twenties Taught Me (Atria: S. & S.). Mock’s first memoir, Redefining Realness: My Path to Womanhood, Identity, Love & So Much […]

The Second Time Around | Day of Dialog 2017

Five authors discuss the ups and downs of writing a second novel.

“Bridging Worlds” with Librarians Pun, Collard, and Parrott

Raymond Pun, Scott Collard, and Justin Parrott, editors of Bridging Worlds: Emerging Models and Practices of U.S. Academic Libraries Around the Globe discuss the inspiration for their new book, the role of academic libraries in global initiatives, and getting started in an international career.

New York Comic Con: Top Library Panels

                      With a record attendance of 180,000, New York Comic Con, October 6-9, 2016, packed several informative panels for librarians and educators into its first full day of programming. Here are some highlights we discovered. Body of Evidence: How We See Ourselves in Comics Attendance: […]