Graphic Novels: Kominsky-Crumb, a Mythology Collection, and Debuter Birthday | Xpress Reviews

Recommended for anyone looking for a quick, easy set of gags in a webcomic style; highly recommended for all mature fans of cartooning—especially of the confessional variety; a beautifully illustrated and highly enjoyable read for mythology and sf fans

Fiction from Adcock, Alger, Arvin, Cargill, La Plante, McCafferty, & Wiggs, plus a Debut | Xpress Reviews

This leisurely paced second novel that is bound to attract readers of feminist sf mysteries; highly recommended for fans of fast-paced thrillers in the tradition of John Grisham; this somewhat facile work will entertain fans of dark humor; a sharply observant literary debut novel; more than enough thrills to satisfy any crime novel enthusiast; fans of C.J. Box and Craig Johnson will relish this page-turner; recommended for readers of contemporary romance

E-Originals from Ankrum, Jump, and Lovelace | Xpress Reviews

This touching military love story revolves around the magic of coincidence; first in the series, readers will want to revisit Paradise Key in the upcoming installments; readers will savor the latest installment in the series, especially those who enjoy a little suspense

Psychology, May 2018 | Best Sellers

July 2017 to date as identified by GOBI Library Solutions from EBSCO

Exploring a Rapidly Expanding Podcast Universe | Discovery & Advisory

The appeal of podcasts is easy to understand—they’re free, easy to sample and subscribe to, and there are now so many that it’s possible to find a show to match any interest and satisfy any reader.

Self-Care for New Moms, Toddler Meal Plans, Chabon on Fatherhood, Raising the Tech Generation | Parenting Reviews

CHOICES, CHOICES, CHOICES It’s no wonder decision fatigue runs rampant, as parents today face both age-old decisions, such as how to potty train (Sarah ­Ockwell-Smith’s Ready, Set, Go!) and prepare nutritious meals (Nicole M. Avena’s What To Feed Your Baby & Toddler) to managing wisely the constant onslaught of information (Mike Brooks & John Lasser’s Tech Generation).

Scholarly Communication, Shakespeare, Human Rights, Religious Leaders, plus Statista Online | Review Alert: June 1, 2018

An essential, cohesive work that will be invaluable to researchers; Black’s work brings Shakespeare readers and scholars new knowledge, insight, and delight; for those without the earlier volumes, this works as a go-to resource on the topic of human rights; those looking to get a leg up on the competition in local and international markets will find a powerful tool in Statista

Audiobooks from Anderson, Goenawan, Le Guin, Hinton, Films on Beethoven, Sf Cult Classics, Social Justice, & Faith | Review Alert: June 1, 2018

This timely multigenerational immigrant story explores unique challenges families face and the redemptive power of forgiveness; this informative and thought-provoking film about social injustice and police advocacy is a must-see for adult audiences; an engaging look at how an artistic endeavor successfully exceeds the sum of its parts

Best Sellers: Books Most Borrowed, April 2018

Hannah’s The Great Alone is the sole new fiction title; Wolff remains Fury–ously on top of nonfiction

Nonfiction on Soviet & Latin American Art, Fashion Books, Bruce Lee, Julian of Norwich, Omega-3s, the Soul of America | Review Alert: June 1, 2018

For the initiated, a pleasing introduction to Simone Weil; fans of Bruce Lee will flock to this title, as will anyone interested in pop culture; this documented account of the Pony Express offers a legendary American adventure story; The Ecocentrists is an essential addition for all environmental collections