Fast Scans | December 15, 2005

By Jeff T. Dick, Davenport, IA Foreign & Indie Films An Angel at My Table. color. 158 min. Criterion Collection, dist. by Home Vision. 1990. DVD ISBN 1-55940-959-2. $39.95. The harrowing story of New Zealand novelist Janet Frame, who was misdiagnosed as a schizophrenic, institutionalized, and subjected to electroshock treatments, is marvelously told in three […]

Sciece Fiction & Fantasy Reviews | December 15, 2005

By Jackie Cassada, Asheville Buncombe Lib. Syst., NC Bisson, Terry. Numbers Don’t Lie. Tachyon, dist. by Independent Pubs. Group. Dec. 2005. c.176p. illus. ISBN 1-892391-32-5. pap. $14.95. SF Wilson Wu, formerly a rock musician, an aeronautics engineer, a camel driver, a mechanic, and a trial lawyer, has a knack for introducing his friend Irving to […]

Science & Technology Reviews | December 15, 2005

By LJ Staff Agriculture Condon, Marlene A. Nature-FriendlyGarden: Creating a Backyard Haven for Plants, Wildlife, and People, Too. Stackpole. Mar. 2006. c.160p. photogs. ISBN 0-8117-3261-4. pap. $19.95. GARDENING  The growing market for books on gardening indicates that many people recognize the emotional and health benefits of this popular pastime. Condon (Landscaping for Wildlife) presents an […]

Social Sciences Reviews | December 15, 2005

By LJ Staff Anthropology & Customs Town & Country Modern Manners: The Thinking Person’s Guide to Social Graces. Hearst: Sterling. 2005. 256p. ed. by Thomas P. Farley. ISBN 1-58816-454-3. $17.95. ETIQUETTE Does the world need yet another book on contemporary etiquette? If it’s this classy volume of engaging essays edited by Farley, Town & Country […]

Short Takes | December 15, 2005

By LJ Staff Immigration and Asylum: From 1900 to Present. 3 vols. ABC-CLIO. 2005. 1100p. ed. by Matthew J. Gibney & Randall Hansen. index. ISBN 1-57607-796-9. $310. ref At a time when anti-immigration sentiment seems to be the norm not just across this country but in many other Western nations, it is easy to forget […]

Audio Reviews | December 15, 2005

By LJ Staff Fiction | Nonfiction Fiction Anderson, Kevin J. Scattered Suns. 17 CDs. unabridged. 20 hrs. Brilliance Audio. 2005. ISBN 1-59737-208-0 [ISBN 978-1-59737-208-4]. $127.25. f A number of factors bog down this fourth installment in Anderson’s epic "Seven Suns" space saga (e.g., Forest of Stars), which continues the conflicts and alliances among the different […]

Cookery Reviews | December 15, 2005

By Judith Sutton Ambrosia, Gloria. The Complete Muffin Cookbook: The Ultimate Guide to Making Great Muffins. Square One, dist. by Ingram. Jan. 2006. c.216p. index. ISBN 0-7570-0179-3. pap. $14.95. COOKERY The author of two previous muffin cookbooks, Gloria’s Glorious Muffins and Gloria’s Gourmet Low-Fat Muffins, Ambrosia here presents Amber Jewelry, Tea Sets, Sleeping Bags, Wholesale […]

Classic Returns Reviews | December 15, 2005

By Michael Rogers Fiction | Nonfiction Fiction Appel, Benjamin. Brain Guy/Plunder. 338p. ISBN 1-933586-01-X [ISBN 978-1-933586-01-4]. Rabe, Peter. Blood on the Desert/A House in Naples. 308p. ISBN 1-933586-00-1 [ISBN 978-1-933586-00-7]. Randisi, Robert J. The Ham Reporter/The Disappearance of Penny. 335p. ISBN 0-9749438-9-4 [ISBN 978-0-9749438-9-3]. ea. vol: Stark House. Jan. 2006. pap. $19.95. F A fine […]

Romance Reviews | November 15, 2005

By LJ Staff Yule Love These Adding sparkle, spice, and a dash of sizzle to the winter season, romances celebrating the holidays, from Thanksgiving through New Year’s, are once again in plentiful supply. Sexy or sweet, lively or lyrical, hip or heartwarming, there is a style for every taste – and a diversity of settings […]

Science & Technology Reviews | November 15, 2005

By LJ Staff Agriculture KORDA, MARGARET & MICHAEL KORDA. Cat People. HarperCollins. Nov. 2005. c.163p. illus. ISBN 0-06-075663-2. $22.95. PETS Having deciphered the equine world in their Horse Housekeeping: How To Keep a Horse at Home and in Michael’s Horse People, the Kordas now turn their attention to cats and their passionate Amber Jewelry, Tea […]