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Library Journal Senior Editor Liz French edits nonfiction and women's fiction reviews at LJ and also compiles the "What We're Reading" and "Classic Returns" columns for LJ online. She's inordinately interested in what you're reading as well. Email:, Twitter: @lizefrench

Modernists, Memoirs, Melancholia, Movies | Classic Returns

Survivor stories, both fiction and nonfiction, dominate this edition of “Classic Returns”

Busting Out with Books | What We’re Reading

The “What We’re Reading” crew venture gingerly out of their comfort zone to read 180-degree flips, genre switches, and favorite authors’ correspondence.

Great Reportage | Day of Dialog 2018

Moderated by LJ’s great reporter, Lisa Peet (whose actual title is associate editor, news & features), “Great Reportage” presented  five ace nonfiction writers: Susan Orlean, The Library Book (S. & S., Oct.); John Carreyrou, Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup (Knopf, May); Eli Saslow, Rising Out of Hatred: The Awakening of […]

Obsessions & Other Stories | What We’re Reading & Watching

The WWR/W team gets obsessed with true crime, cult films, essay collections, creativity processes, ecofiction, and tween comic-book heroines.

Poems, Prose, Makeup, & More | What We’re Reading & Watching

The “What We’re Reading & Watching” team is finding poetry in motion (pictures), prose titles, self-help how-tos, and dogs’ companionship.

Sayers, Superstars, Shinigamis, Slayers, & More | What We’re Reading & Watching

We’re watching rock operas and true crime series; reading about time travelers, belles, death gods, social creatures, and quirky Brits in the new “What We’re Reading & Watching” column.

Death Reels, Movie Deals, Inclusion Rider Appeals | What We’re Watching & Reading

A belated but heartfelt post-Academy Awards telecast “What We’re Watching (& Reading)” column celebrates the people who make the movies and some women who died too soon.

Cooking with Team Voracious | What We’re Reading & Watching

The WWR/W team is gobbling up books, cooking and otherwise, including vegan and Instant Pot cookbooks, debuts, coming-of-age memoirs, Nigerian-based sf, and historical fiction.

Reading & Rereading for February & Beyond | Classic Returns

15 reissues, reprints, and revised editions for your February (and beyond) reading pleasure

You Say You Want a Resolution | What We’re Reading & Watching

The WWR/W team makes reading resolutions (or not) and takes #Shelfie photos