Spring Has Sprung | 35 Going On 13

Unlike the movies, where it feels like all of the star-studded casts, A-list directors, and epic films are held until awards season, spring publishing is a present for the patient reader. At just about the time the best lists and book prizes are announced, preview copies from authors new and familiar start to appear like […]

35 Going on 13: Series and Sequels

A few weeks, back, I shared my picks for some of my favorite books of the year (LJ Best Books: YA Lit for Adults; 35 Going On 13: Best Teen Books for Adults, 2013; Extended List). In the interest of featuring a broad range of great new books for teens (and we adults who read […]

35 Going On 13: Best Teen Books for Adults, 2013; Extended List

Black, Holly. The Coldest Girl in Coldtown. Little, Brown Bks. for Young Readers. ISBN 9780316213103. $18.99. Tana awakens in a bathtub after a night of revelry and discovers that she is the only wholly human survivor of a vampire massacre. Her ex-boyfriend has been infected and is tied to a bed in another room with […]

Best Books 2013: YA Lit for Adults

See all of LJ’s 2013 Bests Levithan, David. Two Boys Kissing. Knopf. ISBN 9780307931900. $16.99. Exes Craig and Henry are inspired to break the World Rec­ord for longest kiss. During the 32-hour vigil, Ryan and Avery meet at a gay prom, longtime boyfriends Neil and Peter chafe at the ties that bind, and depressed Cooper […]

Q&A: Cassandra Clare | June 1, 2013

An interview with best-selling YA and urban fantasy author Cassandra Clare.

Debut Novels | 35 Going On 13

This month, Library Journal is spotlighting debut novels, which are also a mainstay of teen literature. It may be hard to believe, but there once was a time when Stephenie Meyer and John Green were not household names. Green’s debut, Looking for Alaska (2005), won the coveted Printz Award and is not the only first […]

35 Going On 13: Fabulous February

Although February is the shortest month of the year, it certainly has the rest of the calendar beat in the holiday ratio: Valentine’s, Mardi Gras, and President’s Day (not to mention Groundhog’s Day) offer readers many reasons to celebrate. Here is a little-bit-of-everything to make your month a fabulous one. Love Under the Sea Merfolk […]

Too Good To Be True: Some Top Nonfiction from 2012 | 35 Going on 13

Reading nonfiction can sometimes feel like eating your vegetables. You know it is good for you, but finding just the right preparation can be a challenge. This year, we are lucky to have had a wealth of great, true stories out to choose from. Here are just a few of the year’s best offerings. Aronson, […]

Best Books 2012: Young Adult Literature for Adults

Every year, it feels more difficult to declare any group of books for teens to be the “best,” particularly when considering the appeal to an adult audience. Best for whom? Best at what? Nevertheless, in a field crowded with superlatives, these ten stand out. Whether through quality prose or the flawless execution of an ambitious […]

35 Going on 13: Big Books

As it does in many things, size matters in the book world, and some books are just bigger than others. In this context, “big” can mean the book has a hefty page length, larger-than-life press, or sizable footsteps in which to follow. Enjoy some of the biggest teen books of the year. Bick, Ilsa J. […]