About LJ Reviews

Welcome to the new home of Library Journal reviews. Here you’ll find previews of upcoming titles; access to timely reviews of books, audiobooks, DVDs, and other media; and essential collection development and readers’ advisory resources. You’ll also discover author interviews, conference updates, and other opinion and analysis from LJ staffers and contributors.

About the revamp

It’s no coincidence that we revamped amid the many changes rocking the publishing industry. Although librarians have been extending the life cycle of intellectual content for millennia, the proliferation of digital formats has taken things further, upending traditional conceptions of publication dates, literacy, frontlist versus backlist, marketing, and collective knowledge.

Most content now requires four tiers of coverage to reflect its many uses:

  • upwards of six months of advance notice,
  • critical assessments immediately preceding release,
  • collection development to determine long-term standing,
  • readers’ advisory to track connections across media.

Our site reflects this philosophy with four dedicated channels: Prepub Alert, Reviews (Books, Media, and Reference), Collection Development, and Readers’ Advisory. From audiobooks to zines, it’s all here. Enriching the big picture are a central reviews database with access to LJ reviews since 1985, and a growing roster of bloggers who will keep you informed about news and trends.

We hope the crossover among our editors, reviewers, columnists, and guest commentators will make our considerable breadth and depth more accessible so you can do your jobs faster and better. While we can’t promise to resolve the thornier issues facing libraries and publishing like ebook pricing models and how to balance consumer expectations with library principles, we will do our best to frame the arguments, incorporating the voices of publishers and other relevant players. Thank you for reading.

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