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Week ending March 17, 2017

Grant, Donna. Dark Alpha’s Lover. Swerve: St. Martin’s. (Reapers, Bk. 4). Apr. 2017. 200p. ebk. ISBN 9781250138118. $3.99. PARANORMAL ROMANCE
This fourth installment in the “Reapers” series centers on Catriona (Cat) Hayes, a half-Fae Irishwoman without magical powers. As a Halfling, she can easily recognize the Fae, magical beings, that normal humans cannot. She witnesses a white-haired Fae cutting down another with a sword on a city street and is intrigued. The killer is Fintan, a Reaper (a betrayed dark Fae) resurrected by Death. He in turn notices Cat and thus the romance begins. Fintan is bewitched by Cat’s fearlessness as she is resigned to being killed by the Fae—both of her siblings were recently murdered. Fintan is bent on killing Bran, a renegade Reaper who is responsible for the deaths of Cat’s siblings. As Cat and Fintan fall for each other, they agree to try to foil Bran. When Cat’s grandfather disappears, she discovers she has powerful magic but is caught in a dilemma. Will Cat be forced to betray Fintan?
Verdict This latest “Reapers” installment (after Dark Alpha’s Demand) is a lively addition to the series, with plenty of action and intrigue as well as a fair degree of top-shelf hanky-panky. The story demonstrates how Fintan and Cat’s connection allows them to overcome their pain and give each other the love and pleasure they deserve; highly recommended.—Henry Bankhead, San Rafael P.L., CA

Voigt, Janalyn. Hills of Nevermore. Mountain Brook Ink. (Montana Gold, Bk. 1). May 2017. 280p. ebk. ISBN 9781943959266. $3.99. INSPIRATIONAL HISTORICAL ROMANCE
hillsofnevermore031717America Liberty Reed is a young widow on a wagon train to the gold fields of Nevada, with a baby and a secret. Unable to handle all the work of keeping her wagon on the trail, she must rely on widow Addie Martin and her teenage son. Addie dreams of opening her own cook tent and eventually a restaurant in the boomtowns. Neither woman expects love to be part of her future. Addie is sure that her late husband was the love of her life, and America doesn’t feel she deserves a second chance. Handsome circuit-riding preacher Shane Hayes can’t seem to resist America’s charms, but she turns him away. In the midst of America’s doubts about her own worth, and Shane’s dismay about his efforts to bring peace and love to the Wild West, they experience the best and worst that the lawless region has to offer.
Verdict While this book is billed as inspirational, the influence of faith is a relatively small part of this historical romance. This story from Voigt (DawnSinger; Wayfarer) moves at the slightly plodding pace of the heroine’s oxen but still manages to keep the reader glued to every twist and turn. For readers who like their romances squeaky-clean and those interested in the historical Western setting.—Marlene Harris, Reading Reality, Atlanta



  1. Thanks for reviewing Hills of Nevermore. I’m glad you enjoyed reading it.