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Boyce, Elizabeth. Love Beyond Measure. Crimson Romance. (Honorables, Bk. 4). Feb. 2017. 274p. ebk. ISBN 9781440585098. $4.99. HISTORICAL ROMANCE
After an abysmal childhood, Harrison Dyer has left his past and England behind, sailing to Brunei to help a friend begin a shipping company. Tragically, the ship falls to a typhoon, and Harrison, the lone survivor, is rescued off the coast of Siam. Lamai Hart, half-English and half-Siamese, is a translator for a wealthy Portuguese merchant who provides Harrison with a job until he can earn enough money to return to England. Lamai is initially distrustful of Harrison, since her experiences with greedy, unethical Portuguese businessmen have prejudiced her against Europeans. Eventually, Harrison’s willingness to learn the local language and customs endear him to Lamai, and the two become friends—and more. Their relationship is put to the test when the two undertake to free their employer’s slaves.
Verdict Boyce (Valor Under Siege) crafts a steamy tropical romance far from stuffy English ballrooms. Both Harrison and Lamai are likable characters with an urge to right wrongs, resulting in intrigue and suspense. The multicultural romance and generous give and take between the two as they learn about each other’s cultures create a truly enjoyable novel. Love Beyond Measure can stand alone from the “Honorables” series.—Eve Stano, Lincoln Lib., Springfield, IL

starred review starCornwall, Lecia. The Lady and the Highlander. Swerve: St. Martin’s. (Highland Fairy Tale, Bk. 3). Apr. 2017. 300p. ebk. ISBN 9781250111630. $3.99. HISTORICAL ROMANCE
ladyhighlander030317When the widow Bibiana marries into the Fearsome MacLeod clan, in 1709, no one can see the danger she poses. No one, that is, except the beautiful Laire MacLeod. Huntsman Iain Lindsay warns Laire to flee, but then he’s forced to hunt her to Edinburgh at the behest of his mistress Bibiana. Poison, thieves, disguises, and intrigue follow as Laire and Iain struggle to stay true to their loyalties while struggling against their growing attraction to each other.
Verdict Cornwall (Beauty and the Highland Beast; When a Laird Finds a Lass) has done a remarkable job of fleshing out minor characters and creating an immersive story. The beats may be familiar, but the skillful storytelling draws readers in and holds some surprises.—Emily Thompson, Univ. of Tennessee at Chattanooga